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Vision: The Future of Writing
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Here's the doozy. Imagine a scholarly argument database that understood your individual tastes in references.

It would know whether you thought (post)modern was the proper reference for a slippery term or a neophyte's expression of running with the trends. It would learn that you prefered Shakespearean references to Biblical ones (or vice versa) and whether or not you had read Ivanhoe. It whittles down arguments to bare bones so you can glance at all the new journals and select additional text on the 10 or 12 that actually have some relevance to your own interests and practices.

Most importantly, you could eliminate entire passages of background information — necessary for comprehension outside your sub-specialty but, being an insider, you can skip. Or, if you are interested in another field's findings in a relevant area, you could call up additional information on the article's methodology and reception within the field before making your decision on the article's value to your own work.

Imagine being able to correlate many different research results from a dozen articles in real time. Code it right and you can do it.