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Segments of culture seem to have convinced themselves that their own hype was real. We may have even deluded ourselves with Kairos. But the idea that stock prices might never come down resulted in smart people denying the existence of a bubble even while it was bursting. Here again is Clark:

    Netscape time was a term we came to apply to the speed at which we developed products and, by extension, the relentlessness of the work involved. But the effortlessness of Web use is also an aspect of Netscape time, when a consumer can research a product, find the best price, and click and buy all in the time it used to take to get the car out of the garage ... A perfectly integrated system, a self-fulfilling technology. From a business standpoint, the beauty of this was breathtaking.
The rise of the Web and its demise as an economic engine are equally breathtaking. Yet, as a bricoleur, these fallen firms offer a rich context for rebuilding and reconfiguring digital culture beyond a money-making proposition, returning us (perhaps) to opportunities for the exploration of literacy and communication. Indeed, many of use have not left this enlightening, if less remunerative, path.

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