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May 1995: El Paso, Texas
(Doherty's Thread)

At the 11th annual Computers & Writing conference, the following chain of events takes place:
  • My "potluck" roommate ends up being a Master's student from North Dakota State named Corey Wick.

  • In the hotel bar, a colleague from RPI introduces me to Mike Salvo, a Master's student at Binghamton whom I've only "met" online.

  • At the end of the Opening Remarks session, Fred Kemp from Texas Tech assaults me in the ballroom to castigate my decision to attend RPI instead of Tech; he introduces Corey and me to a group of Tech grad students, including technical wizard Joseph Unger.

  • Corey and I attach ourselves to the half-dozen or so Tech students for the rest of the conference. We are joined by Ball State graduate student Greg Siering and, as Siering's fellow Ball State alumnus Dave Letterman would say, wackiness ensues.

  • Like hundreds of thousands of others worldwide, we decide to start a Web consulting company (eventually called "The D'Artagnan Communications Group" for reasons nobody can now recall) that never gets off the ground.

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