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Ken Griffey, Jr. ... and Kairos
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I've been writing press releases and feature stories for more than four years now, so if the following carries less than an "academic" tone — well, good.

When Byron Hawk contacted me about writing a short historical retrospective on how and why Kairos came to be, it occurred to me that might not be such a good idea. After all, everyone likes to think (or at least allow others to think) that a grand plan, a sound theoretical reasoning, a structured and well-thought-out approach lies behind the creation and implementation of The Next Big Thing.

Whether or not Kairos was ever "the next big thing" — although those of us who were in on the ground floor certainly pitched and shilled it that way to anyone who would listen — is at best a matter for debate. What is certain is that the fact that the journal ever existed is because of what can best be termed a series of happy accidents.

Of course, as Plato once warned us, reliance on the written word acts as an amnesiac, and reliance on our memory becomes — what's the word? — dicey. (OK, I don't think Plato said it that way. But you get the idea.) So what follows is a brief chronological foray into the origin of Kairos — others contributing to this special issue may recall things differently. I'd venture we're all approximately "right."

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Kairos Will Have Been ...
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