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November 2001: Dallas, Texas
(Doherty's Thread)

Fast-forward (again) ...

(Holy cow, first a jump of two years, then another of four years? Is this like one of those bad made-for-TV movies which develops plot points with subtitles that say "15 years later in Dublin ..."?)

I stepped down as editor and publisher of Kairos in the spring of 1998, turning over the job to Siering, who subsequently turned it over to Doug Eyman, and the journal has moved from there. Teague's name is the only one remaining on the masthead from the first issue, and just eight of the current 30 editorial board members have been (literally) on board since that first issue.

In my penultimate "As We May Link" Editor's column, I noted this trend by writing,

    "... true to the name Kairos, we have in fact been re-inventing ourselves every issue ... The changes — the kairic part of this journal — are inevitably people changes."
Somewhere in the black hole that is the unarchived historical Internet, there are long, confusing MOO logs and remnants of thousands of e-mail messages that somehow instantiated Kairos. Perhaps somebody will dig through them one day and disprove every last pixel of recollection I've provided here.

I hope not. In the larger scheme of electronic publishing, Kairos (whether or not it has earned a renaming to Stasis) has been a single step in the "process of continuous adjustment to and creation of the present occasion."

Ken Griffey Jr. left Seattle for Cincinnati. Darius and the rest of the Blowfish slid off the charts. Mike Salvo and Corey Wick ended up — where else? — at Texas Tech, each leaving with a PhD. I'm in Dallas, working for the world's largest airline, which is trying to reinvent itself in the wake of the most radical occasion in the history of the industry. The D'Artagnan Communications Group never took off — pardon the airline pun — but did radically diverge to become Kairos.

And we are left to anticipate — and for someone out there about to encounter a series of happy accidents, to create — what's next?

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