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I used to be able to point people to a testing site for Macromedia's LikeMinds product at www.moviecritic.com (unfortunately, no longer available). It had a "taste engine" online. You would tell the database what you think of 12 or 15 movies, and it would suggest movies you might like.

Only for our future writing textbook, the "taste engine" remembers which explanations you found helpful in the past and offers similar custom-delivered content, not on a campus-by campus basis, or a class-by-class basis, but on an on-the-fly individually determined basis.

Actually, moviecritic.com used to scare me — I would "test" it by asking about movies that I love or loathe that I hadn't rated and it would do a pretty good job of "guessing" my reaction to movies — some pretty far-flung titles, too. Guessing taste is one thing — Amazon.com does that.

But customized arguments?