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There is a ridiculousness about this dual-memoir of the creation of Kairos, of two thirty-somethings writing about an academic journal that never made a penny. It is ridiculousness born out of what Netscape co-founder Jim Clark titled Netscape Time.

Clark is another West-Texas connection: he grew up within a day's drive of the Texas Tech campus. When he reflects on the development of Netscape, Clark describes Netscape time as a compression of time wrought by the speed and apparent ease of use of the Web:

    Netscape wasn't much different from many other high-tech start-ups, which have a free-for-all quality that doesn't respond to normal management techniques; a certain level of insanity — often a pretty high level — went with the territory. Despite the craziness, or perhaps because of it, we had accomplished a tremendous amount in very little time. We has set a new standard for the future of American industry. This defined the idea of "Netscape time," which also became known as "Internet time."

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