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Mick begins his response by describing where he has been writing, and for what audiences, and for what purposes. He has been describing the context of his work and, in reflecting on Kairos, I am drawn to reflect on context as well.

First, we recount our histories and futurities (futurity is another concept William Gibson offers us, this time from Idoru) through a recitation of names and places: of contexts. These contexts are the places from which the journal sprung: physical contexts as well as intellectual ones, and always we write about and think about the people who defined the intellectual context.

Kairos was my first experience with a peculiar late-capitalist construction that goes by the name of globalization. It literalized much of my intellectual inquiry: presence and absence were never so confused and in need of redefinition as I consider Kairos business meetings. Many Kairos staffers and editorial board members see each other once or twice a year at conferences.

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