Kairos: Past, Present and Future(s)

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The question remains to be answered: what contribution Kairos ultimately makes to electronic and academic publishing depends on how our readers and future electronic writing organizations talk (or forget) about Kairos, and what future the journal creates for itself. And as this little Web shows, memory is a fragile thing.

Particularly as we slip out of the compressed hyperspace of the Internet era and back into a slower passage of time, in which reflection and analysis is (I hope) valued and celebrated, Kairos and other similar electronic publishing ventures need to be evaluated and the publishing models they have developed scrutinized, and their contributions assessed. Indeed, I am hopeful that the dot-bomb implosion offers an opportunity to catch our breath, to look back and consider all that has been done so quickly and under such peculiar pressure. Indeed, we need to consider the source of the rosy hopes of the internet goldrush so that we might avoid repeating such madness.

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