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August-September 1995: Troy, New York
(Doherty's Thread)

The most important invitation was to Jason Teague — then and now, the most talented Web developer I've ever had fortune to meet. Jason had worked on CMCM with me, and was on board with one caveat: he got final say on design decisions.

That's a no-brainer. Let the designers design. If Jason had said "no," I'm pretty sure the idea never would have moved forward.

  • The staff needed intellectual and theoretical leadership and found it in Salvo, one of the truly innovative thinkers in the C&W field.

  • The staff needed experience and stability, which came on board with Siering, an award-winning leader recognized throughout the field.

  • The staff needed energy, and received it in abundance from Wick, as well as two contributors who would later become managing editor (Claudine Keenan) and editor (Doug Eyman), respectively.

  • And the staff needed a home — and though three of the five original "D'Artagnan" Texas Tech grad students invited to join the editorial staff declined, those who did quickly and efficiently found — no, made — a physical home for the journal.
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Kairos Will Have Been ...
(Salvo's Story)

Kairos logo circa 2002 ... and beyond?