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August 1995: I-90 Eastbound
(Doherty's Thread)

If you've never driven from Ohio to New York using I-90 through Pennsylvania, be warned: there's a short period (uh, about three hours) in which radio reception ranges from difficult to fictional. It's time when all you can do is think. (And don't say that like it's a bad thing.)

On that drive from home back to a second year of PhD work, I navigated the Quaker State with Becky's question still echoing, and tried to work out the details of what "a journal for the kind of work we're doing would look like." There was no great innovation; essentially, the early conceptual structure of this journal looked pretty much like a cross between CMCM and Computers & Composition.

By the time I reached Troy, the basis for that structure was in place, and within a day, invitations had been issued to what would become the first editorial staff.

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Kairos Will Have Been ...
(Salvo's Story)

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