Kairos: Past, Present and Future(s)

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Kairos Was ...
(Doherty's Thread)

Kairos logo circa 1996.
At First ...
(Salvo's Story)

Kairos, as Mick describes it, was at first a way to get credit and to give recognizably academic markers of value to the kind of online work many of us were already doing. That meant inventing strategies for peer review — which have evolved into Kairos' tiered peer review process. But at the moment of its creation, the journal also held promise of changing the way the next generation of literacy researchers, teachers, and professionals accompished their work — even redefining what work was to become at the dawn of the age of information.

As I write this narrative, I am simultaneously embarrassed by some of the things I used to believe about the potential power of the World Wide Web and of hypertext, and amazed that Kairos continues to exist at all. It has indeed outlived the original ocassion of its invention, and it is interesting to me that somehow that becomes a problem.