Kairos: Past, Present and Future(s)

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Kairos Was ...
(Doherty's Thread)

Kairos logo circa 1996.
Time Flows in Strange Ways
(Salvo's Story)

I joined Kairos at C&W '95 in El Paso. Mick Doherty claims it existed a few months before that, having been envisioned during a Hootie and the Blowfish concert in Michigan ... or was it Ohio? ... with Becky Rickly. That is, Mick was at a concert with Becky. Becky wasn't performing with Hootie. There's an image: Becky and the Blowfish.

Mick invited some graduate students from C&W '95 to try an experiment in distributed digital publishing, something he called "Kairos" which, to me at that moment was just an odd-sounding word. It struck me as an interesting title, although I had not yet encountered Kinneavy's work.

Now we all know the Kinneavy story of kairos, and perhaps the few lines we coded for the opening screeds of "Why Kairos?..." But that was all created in the cretacious period of Netscape time ...

Time flows in strange ways online, and many changes have come about both to the online universe and my own and others' lives.

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