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I'm thinking differently about the longevity and continued usefulness of online writing. Read Snow Crash lately? It's more like the uploading Hiro Protagonist (love that character's name) does with the CIA database — only not quite as Darwinian. Want to write for us? We'll pay you X for Y.

When the organization decides whether or not to re-hire a specific individual writer, the database is consulted ("No one reads E writer's work anymore — let eir go," or, "Folks still go back to E's work from June 99-April 00 — suggest that E try to either recapture that experience or work towards a new style that might be as successful."). Certainly management-centered, but much less, uh ... hopeless ... than micropayments. Writers get paid for their work up-front, but continued pay relies upon performance (of the product) over time.