Kairos: Past, Present and Future(s)

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Kairos Was ...
(Doherty's Thread)

Kairos logo circa 1996.
CoverWebs: Promise and Praxis
(Salvo's Story)

Once the CoverWeb is published, it is a relic, a husk, a skeleton, an archeological artifact that merely gestures toward the text's (texts'?) production. This seems to be Plato's complaint against writing and the technologies that support it, from Phaedrus and elsewhere, but it was never brought before me so starkly as when I would, with disappointment, re-read the CoverWebs to copyedit them.

Not that the CoverWebs weren't/aren't great: I think they always are/were. But what is left, the letters and design that comprise the CoverWeb on the screen, are never what the authors intended and were never what we felt we were saying — the messages and feelings that we all had while creating the texts that you read now.

So what is the purpose of writing?