Kairos: Past, Present and Future(s)

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Kairos logo circa 1996.
CoverWebs: Promise and Praxis
(Salvo's Story)

One of my first responsibilities as managing editor was coordinating what we called the "CoverWeb." Back in the second issue of Kairos, I wrote that CoverWebs provided the "multi-vocality and multiple authorship [that] allows an enactment of some of the collaboratory promise of hypertext."

The CoverWeb was, in its own way, an attempt to include many voices. In creating multi-vocality, my hope was that the CoverWeb would also introduce wonderful intertextual meanings, where one author's statement would be enriched by its parallel partner.

So many voices would ensure that the intertext would be rich and enagaging, creating Barthesian "wreaders" who would be compelled to fill the space between the different authors' perspectives. But it seems that as readers we are much more comfortable as passive recipients of what others are constructing. Of course, I could just be looking in the wrong place.