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July 1995: Somewhere in Michigan
(Doherty's Thread)

On the road to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert near the campus Michigan State University, while stuck in traffic, Becky Rickly idly wonders, "What do you think a journal for the kind of work we're doing would look like?"

The rest of the conversation is lost — apologies, Plato — in the ephemera of time, but the few basic ideas we settled on while waiting to hear Darius Rucker wail about how the Dolphins make him cry were these:

  • It would need to be online only and hosted, if not sponsored, by an established department.

  • To be accepted by tenure/promotion review committees, it would need to use the "language" of print journals — editions, deadlines, peer review. (But if it would need to be peer-reviewed, who in "our field" constituted "peers" capable of review?)

  • It would require a hell of a lot of work by people who might not ever get any credit for that work.
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