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Reviewed by
Douglas Eyman

Breath of Sighs and Falling Forever

Nathan Marsh

      Marsh's "Breath of Sighs" is a non-linear narrative which has no discernible plot, although the lexia are linked by virtue of their common reference to a first-person narrative (although this seems to blur into third person within individual lexia). The reader of this text must explore and seek out meaning in the text. Marsh "utilizes the disorientation inherent in today's hypertext systems to accentuate the disorientation felt by the characters" (and the reader). Although Landow states that the "Storyspace windows allow text to be layered and distributed, resulting in a visual mosaic of words as the story unfolds," as a novice Storyspace user I was unable to achieve this effect. I was, however, able to experience the very effective use of sound that Marsh incorporated--I was clicking away, getting into the characters and the mood of the piece when one lexia suddenly produced the sound of a loud explosion. A previous user of the Mac I was using (in our Writing Center, no less) had turned the volume all the way up; needless to say, I wasn't the only person who jumped!

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