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Douglas Eyman


Freud Web

David B. Stevenson

      Stevenson's "The Freud Web" is hypertext applied to reference--in this case the life, times, thoughts, and theories of Freud. A few lexia relating Freud's influence on literature have been added, and the user is invited to expand the web, much like Vannevar Bush's vision of the information-sharing capacity of the memex. "The Freud Web" is also available on the WWW.

  • Food for Thought
    Jane Park

  • An Evening at Roy's
    Roy Perlis

  • Bodily Writing
    Anne Pycha

  • The Hero's Face
    Joshua Rappaport

  • Rhizome
    Maggie Skodon

  • Freud Web
    David B. Stevenson

  • LBJ
    Timothy Taylor

  • Adam's Bookstore
    Adam Wenger

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