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Reviewed by
Douglas Eyman

The Dead Letter Office

David Mayer

      David Mayer's "Dead Letter Office: An Epistulary [sic] Exploration of Hypertext and Critical Theory" is divided into two groups of lexia: one contains the letters that may be found in the post office's "dead letter office" (where undeliverable mail ultimately arrives); the other is a series of lexia that explore the connections between hypertexts and contemporary critical theory (Barthes, Bakhtin, Calvino, and Derrida in particular). Mayer provides links to the theory lexia from the letters, but the reader may choose to read only the letters, or only the theory lexia, as he or she chooses. There is no continuity between the letters (I'm still waiting for the first hypertext epistolary fiction), but that does not prevent the reader from thoroughly enjoying them--these letters are a lot of fun to read by themselves, from love letters to letters home from summer camp to rejection letters for unidentified manuscripts, each one has its own voice and its own quirky humor.

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