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Adam's Bookstore

Adam Wenger

      "Adam's Bookstore," by Adam Wenger, is at once a Borgesian depiction of a circular text which "resides" in both an internal and external bookstore, but also an enactment in hypertext of the project that Roland Barthes initiated with his classic S/Z . Wenger comments that this hypertext forms "an analysis and deconstruction of my own hypertext short story. . . the deconstruction does not precede and have precedence over the initial text as Barthes' S/Z  does over Sarrasine . Rather, this deconstruction is viewed simultaneously and interspersed with the text." Wenger treats his own short story exactly as Barthes did Sarrasine , using the same codes and lexia structure for the analysis. Of course, one can also choose to explore only the hypertext fiction without distraction from the analysis.

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