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Reviewed by
Douglas Eyman


Tom Meyer

      Tom Meyer's "Plateaus" is (in his own words) "a mishmash of passages from [Deleuze and Guattari's] 1000 Plateaus , [William Burroughs's] Naked Lunch , [Italo Calvino's] Invisible Cities , various writers on the Cabbalah and Tarot, my own critical writings, a story I wrote, some of my and your [Landow's] criticisms of the actual work-in-progress, and a few quotations from the TNC electronic conference." The pastiche of such varied sources works particularly well in hypertext--the different fonts and forms of communication give this text a more three-dimensional feel to it than some of the others; it seems not so much a work of fiction as it is a mystory--Meyers explores "hierarchies, freedom, and methods and realms of knowledge" through his construction of these texts--producing a rich and inviting hypertext.
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