Volume 7, Issue 3 Fall 2002
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Sonja Bagby and Krista Homicz
INTERVIEWS EDITOR, kinterviews@earthlink.net



on Teaching with Technology

Sonja Bagby interviews Wendy Bishop
After I heard her keynote at the International Writing Centers Association Conference in Savannah, GA, in April of 2002, I knew I must meet and interview Wendy Bishop for KAIROS. Her "furnace-like glow" comes from joy in lifelong learning but also from promoting that goal in students. As she stated at IWCA, teachers aim to nurture student writers, "to encourage them to care about writing-lifelong." She continues: "When writing instruction works, craft sets the stage for art in a similar way: students are prepared to write to the best of their abilities." Also, she is a Writing Center person, as I am, and she speaks of collaborative learning in her classrooms as a "Writing Center state of mind."

on Kairos

Krista Homicz interviews Phillip Sipiora
In this interview, Sipiora reminds us of previous scholarship on the rhetorical concept of kairos and urges the interweaving of various forms of kairos with our everyday teaching, writing and scholarship. In some ways, Sipiora's interview reflects the ideas of various contributors to the multijournal collaboration on electronic publishing (issue 7.x in Kairos) who mention the ways that kairos has been appropriate within their professional lives. In further ways, Sipiora suggests advantageous openings for the writers and readers of Kairos to utilize the important intersections between the historical uses of the term and the journal's subject matter.