Volume 7, Issue 3 Fall 2002
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Coverweb: Critical Issues in Computers and Writing

CoverWeb · Beyond Normal: Teaching and Learning in Virtual Spaces, C & W 2002

Special Guest Editors: Susan Antlitz, Will Banks, Ron Fortune, and Jim Kalmbach

Issues in Online Teaching and Learning: Rebecca Lucy Busker; Cristie Cowles Charles; T. Fishman; Cheryl Greene, Teryl Sands-Herz, Zach Waggoner, and Patricia Webb; Larry Lafond; Kelly Martin; Safia El Wakil and Daniel J. Martin; Jack Wilson

Technology and Pedagogy: Jonathan Alexander; Amy KM Hawkins; Zoevera A. Jackson; Gloria McMillan; Temi Rose; Peter Sands; Terry Tannacito and Frank Tuzi; Janice R. Walker

New Media/Electronic Literature: Kathie Gossett, Carrie A. Lamanna, Joseph Squier, and Joyce R. Walker; Scott Rettberg; Kevin Swafford; Anne Frances Wysocki

Hypertext Theory and Practice: Carlton Clark; Jane Love; Brendan Riley; Madeleine Sorapure; Steven Wexler

Computers and Writing Professional Issues: Angelo Bonadonna and Megan Hughes; Gail E. Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe; Robert Samuels; Janice R. Walker, Susan Antlitz, Michael Day, Bradley Dilger, Traci Gardner, Joan Latchaw, Karen Lunsford, Gloria McMillan, Veronica Pantoja, Mark Richardson, Rebecca Rickly, and John Walter


Computers and Writing Townhall Forums

Beyond Normal MOO


Wendy Bishop: on Teaching with Technology

Phillip Sipiora: on Kairos


Teena A. M. Carnegie, Amy C. Kimme Hea, Melinda Turnley, and David Menchaca: Administering Teacher Technology Training

Janice McIntire-Strasburg: Building a Better Mousetrap: Essays in Moospace

Caryn Talty: Teaching a Visual Rhetoric

Jodi S. Cook, Hallie S. Lemon, Diana Gabbert, and Kathleen O'Donnell-Brown: Reflective Pedagogies: Conflicting Stories from the Computer Labs


Cheryl Ball: NMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media and Culture
Jeffrey Cain: Research Assistant Software (Bedford/St. Martin's Press)
Tracy Clark: Social Thinking--Software Practice (Dittrich)
Catherine Gabor: Alternative Rhetorics (Gruber)
Gloria McMillan: Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Hockey)
Rich Rice: The Web Portfolio Guide: Creating Electronic Portfolios for the Web (Kimball)
Sheila Sandapen: Principles of Web Design (Farkas and Farkas)
Stephanie Vie: Cyberliteracy: Navigating the Internet with Awareness (Gurak)



Matt Barton: What It Means To Be A Kairosnews Reporter