Volume 7, Issue 3 Fall 2002
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Computers and Writing 2002 TownHall Discussions

Teaching and Administering Distance Education Practices

"Distance education is no longer the great evil. Many DE techniques and strategies are used in more traditional learning environments. In fact, it is often said that the distance between a lecturer and a student is greater than the distance between teachers and students in DE environments. This is difficult to pull off as a teacher, and even more difficult from the administrative side. There are competing forces at work. Still, we're all on the same time, aren't we?"

  • Joel English
  • Trish Harris
  • Cynthia Jeney
  • Judi Kirkpatrick
  • Susan Lang
  • Pete Sands
  • Mark Walbert

Writing Environments

Our increasing use of technology has changed our reading and writing practices. This townhall focuses on those changes engendered by technology. How have the multiple forms of electronic texts changed our understanding of composing? By what processes are we building these understandings into our writing instruction? Portfolios, hypertext, synchronous and asynchronous communal texts, and 'the database essay' all have a place in this discussion.

  • Michael Day
  • Dene Grigar
  • Johndan Johnson-Eilola
  • Jim Kalmbach
  • Becky Rickly
  • Paul Taylor

Beyond Normal MOO

TechRhet's Thursday Night MOO on December 5, 2002, took a look at some of the publications in the Fall 2002 issue of Kairos, pieces that have grown from presentations at C&W 2002 in Normal, Illinois, last May.

  • Susan Antlitz
  • Michael Day
  • Bradley Dilger
  • Traci Gardner
  • Jim Kalmbach
  • Janice Walker
  • John Walter