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The .pdf files below are transcripts from segments of our interviews. These provide context for the quotations (written or audio) we include from our participant-researchers. We abbreviate names as follows:

In the Adrian, Katie, and Mark clips: J = Joyce, A = Adrian, K = Katie, M = Mark
In the Derek and Janine clips: JP = Jim, J = Janine, D = Derek

[100%] Adrian on Furl
The first question we have is how you . . . View

[100%] Adrian Plays
…so you do like to actually look at a lot . . . View

[99%] Adrian Sans Library
Essentially, when would you use…when, if ever, would you use the library . . . View

[99%] Derek on Using Google
Where do you begin searches? What’s the first thing that you do? . . . View

[96%] Janine & the Librarian
If you use something like Amazon, how do you generally use . . . View

[96%] Janine on the Fun of Investigating People’s Credentials
Janine does a search on “history typewriter” in Amazon and . . . View

[96%] Janine Plays
That’s interesting that there’s this sense of, this kind of game . . . View

[96%] Katie sans Library
I think the number one thing would…allow students to know . . . View

[92%] Katie on Amazon
So when you…if you’re searching for books that you want do . . . View

[92%] Mark on Amazon
Well even…and I know this sound kind of funny, but even . . . View

[92%] Mark on Google
I generally don’t want to find anything outside of the library database. . . . View

[92%] Mark on the Library
I would generally begin my search in a …just general search engine. . . View

[90%] Mark Googlizes the Library
I don’t know, I guess it would be nice if the database in the library . . . View



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A Beginning
A Lament
A Challenge

Literature Review

A Crossroads
Research in Writing Studies
Research in Other Disciplines
Alternative Research

Methods & Methodology

Methodological Frameworks
Specific Methods

Findings: Multiple Tool Use

Everybody Loves Google. . .
Googling Graduate Student Style
Googling Undergraduates
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Amazon Remediated
Last Stop: Library
Libraries Remediated
Academic Resource Responses

Findings: Playing Online

Playing Researcher
Janine Plays
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New Directions

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