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The video files below are screen captures from participant-researchers' online work during our interviews. This assemblage provides, all in one place, an overview of the kinds of activities these scholars engage in when working online. See the captions for additional information regarding each individual video.

Figure 5
. Adrian uses to store and organize research materials

Figure 8
. video clip of Janine's combined use of Google and Amazon databases.

Figure 2
. Janine searches the library database using information she found in Google.

Figure 13
. Video capture of Janine searching Google for information on Victor Linoff

Additional Technological Specifications: We created the web pages using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Screen captures were recorded and edited using Camtasia Studio. We embedded the audio and video files in the web pages using Macromedia Flash MX. The "Digital Breadcrumbs" logo was created using Adobe Photoshop.


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A Beginning
A Lament
A Challenge

Literature Review

A Crossroads
Research in Writing Studies
Research in Other Disciplines
Alternative Research

Methods & Methodology

Methodological Frameworks
Specific Methods

Findings: Multiple Tool Use

Everybody Loves Google. . .
Googling Graduate Student Style
Googling Undergraduates
. . . They Love Too
Amazon Remediated
Last Stop: Library
Libraries Remediated
Academic Resource Responses

Findings: Playing Online

Playing Researcher
Janine Plays
Adrian Plays
Academic Play

New Directions

Further Research