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findings: playing online

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[93%] Playing Researcher
The ways people navigate digital spaces associated with play, such as video games, are also the ways people can navigate digital spaces associated with research . . . View

[91%] Janine Plays
Janine's explicit use of the metaphor of play to describe her online research pursuits signals her understanding of online research as . . . View

[91%] Adrian Plays
Janine is a graduate student, so this attraction to research is perhaps not surprising. But Adrian, an undergraduate researcher, presented . . . View

[88%] Academic Play
For Janine and Adrian research is truly fun when it involves search engines like Google. To encourage such an attitude to research, teachers . . . View

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A Beginning
A Lament
A Challenge

Literature Review

A Crossroads
Research in Writing Studies
Research in Other Disciplines
Alternative Research

Methods & Methodology

Methodological Frameworks
Specific Methods

Findings: Multiple Tool Use

Everybody Loves Google. . .
Googling Graduate Student Style
Googling Undergraduates
. . . They Love Too
Amazon Remediated
Last Stop: Library
Libraries Remediated
Academic Resource Responses

Findings: Playing Online

Playing Researcher
Janine Plays
Adrian Plays
Academic Play

New Directions

Further Research