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The comments of all of our participants indicate that libraries must contend with both the use of outside resources and with how such use may alter the perspective of users toward library-controlled resources. We feel, however, that it may be important to look beyond an "inside/outside" metaphor to examine specific search activities and the ways that certain tools affect these activities. This perspective not only allows us to examine how search goals (and search terms) evolve as users migrate from one type of information space to another, but it also allows us to identify specific features of "outside" information tools that contribute to ease-of-use and functionality—features that many current library spaces do not provide.

As one example, the following sound file includes a conversation in which Mark offered several suggestions about features of that might serve as a useful model for academic libraries. He suggests that allowing students and teachers to add comments to entries in the library database would be useful as a way to help readers make selections, much in the way that does. (For a complete transcript of the interview with Mark, see the Words link or click here.)

Figure 10. Mark suggests remediation of the library database and Amazon

Essentially, Mark wants library search systems to be more interactive--to allow users to offer commentary and advice. This element of community might make library systems seem more "friendly" and less "sterile" for users like Katie. The next page outlines some possible recommendations for how academic resources, such as online library databases, might respond to such requests.

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