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findings: multiple tool use

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[99%] Everybody Loves Google . . .
The individuals that have participated in our study thus far use a range of rich and complex knowledge-making strategies when they search . . . View

[97%] Example A: Googling Graduate Student Style
As an example, this video clip shows Janine plugging the name of author Lisa Fine into her school's library database. She found . . . View

[97%] Example B: Googling Undergraduate Style
Adrian, an undergraduate researcher, did not use Google as a way to find terms to use for library searches. Google was . . . View

[93%] . . . They Love, Too was another outside search engine that played a prevalent role in individuals' search processes. Derek and Katie . . . View

[90%] Example: Amazon Remediated
This video clip illustrates how Janine uses Amazon together with Google to find a source for her research. Rather than simply an . . . View

[85%] Last Stop: Library
Several participants indicated that they routinely use the library system to check for the availability of specific sources, rather than to . . . View

[81%] Example: Libraries Remediated
The comments of all of our participants indicate that libraries must contend with both the use of outside resources and with how . . . View

[77%] Academic Resource Responses
Although we plan to expand our research to gather more in-depth information about the specific practices used by our participants . . . View

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Findings: Multiple Tool Use

Everybody Loves Google. . .
Googling Graduate Student Style
Googling Undergraduates
. . . They Love Too
Amazon Remediated
Last Stop: Library
Libraries Remediated
Academic Resource Responses

Findings: Playing Online

Playing Researcher
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Adrian Plays
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