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Annotated MOO Log of a Writing Tutorial
Amanda (writer) and Riceman (tutor)

Amanda's Post-Tutorial Reflection

Amanda has arrived.

Riceman has arrived.

Riceman says, "hiya"

Amanda Says "Sorry, I was having a little problem. :("

Amanda says "Hiya!"

Riceman asks, "No prob... so tell me, where are you now, physically?"

Amanda says "I am here in the library and in "workshop S3"!!!!" :)

Riceman smiles.

Amanda asks "And you?"

Riceman says, "I'm in an office in RB"

Amanda says "Great!"

Interesting way he says that...hmm...
Riceman asks, "How do you like MOOin'?" Made me laugh...haha...
Amanda says "It's pretty cool-although I don't usually get on it too much. As you can see by my lack of knowledge with the commands!"

Riceman exclaims, "Oh, you're doing great!"

Amanda Says "As you can see by the lack of knowledge with the commands!"

Riceman builds a chair and sits down

Amanda asks "Did you go ahead and read over my paper?"

Riceman exclaims, "I did. About Miss Virginia!"

true, very true!!
Amanda says "Awesome-was it (quoted from Joel: "Nifty?") "

Amanda smiles! :)

Riceman smiles at Amanda-- indeed, "Nifty."

nice touch I thought...
Riceman asks, "Did you like writing it?"

Amanda asks "Where should we begin?"

Riceman says, "Tell me about the community you write about in your paper..."

Amanda says, "Yes, however it did take me awhile to get started."

Amanda says, "Because I wasn't sure how to start it."

Yes, I did!
Riceman says, "Getting started is sometimes really tough-"

Amanda says, "The community is the whole Fort Wayne community and surrounding areas."

true, indeed true!
Riceman asks, "Did you grow up in Fort Wayne?" Yes, I did!
Amanda asks "Is your screen cutting off part of my sentences?"

Riceman says, "naw, coming through fine"

Amanda asks "Do I need to push return after each sentence?"

Amanda says "Okay great!"

(My screen wasn't on wrap around or whatever, so I couldn't read what he was writing.)
Riceman says, "Noppers..."

Amanda says "Yes, I did grow up in Fort Fun!"

Riceman says, "So you know quite a bit about Fort Wayne then"

Amanda says, "Yes, to some extent."

Riceman smiles at "Fort Fun!"

Riceman asks, "How did you hear about Virginia Stantz?"

interesting word!....
Amanda says, "I haven't really added anything about the 'community' to my paper yet. I didn't get that far yet."

Riceman says, "Seems to be that you're getting to it-- you have great examples and now just need some overall conclusions"

yes, I was getting to that part but ran out of time...(spare time)
Amanda says, "My parents have told me about her, church events have said her name and what she does, other organizations know about her and then in turn tell me and others. So basically through the media and word of mouth. " nice phrase I thought...Go Amanda!
Riceman says, "Cool. So you have a strong knowledge-base about her... I saw that in your paper" yes, pretty much w/help from the biography
Amanda says "I have this biography of her from the paper which gave me a lot of these quotes. So that is where I get the majority of them."

Riceman says, "Tell me about your introduction Amanda, how you setup "community" in terms of people helping people"

nice resource I thought...
Amanda says "okay, Riceman I have a slight problem, your sentences are getting cut off from me."

Riceman says, "I'll keep 'em short, thanks-"

Amanda says "Well I just kindof 'threw' it together if you will."

Riceman smiles.

Riceman says, "Do you think it's important to say"

Amanda says "Honestly, I really didn't know what to put in the intro."

this is where I told him I couldn't read sentences (no wrap around.)
Riceman asks, "where she's at (Fort Wayne)?"

Riceman says, "I think it's really good--leads into Virginia Strantz well"

Amanda says "Sure that would be cool. "

Riceman says, "I"

good idea (town/city where she's :) from.)
Amanda asks "Do you think that I should put it after her name or what?"

Riceman says, "As a reader, I got a bit confused when you said "Through its help and...""

Riceman says, "I think after..."

Amanda says "Should I write: Virginia Strantz, from Fort Wayne, is one.......?"

Riceman says, "With the "its" thing though-- its implies a non-gendered person"

Riceman says, "That's a great idea-"

Amanda says "Oh, are you talking about 'it's' in the sentence above it?"

Riceman says, "yeah"

I think is a good idea b/c people need to know where she is from and who "it's" is...
Amanda says "So you think that I should use Virginia Strantz and her organization....blah blah blah......?" interesting?!
Riceman says, "I think the reader would appreciate the information--"

Amanda says, "Thanks, that is a good idea. I knew what I was talking about but the reader probably wouldn't really know. "

Riceman says, "True... and, like the assignment points out, the payoff is that the"

Riceman says, "research can be engaging when you get detailed about things"

Riceman says, "that matter to you..."

Amanda says, "Yep, that is so true. Smiles and says "Thanks!"

yes, true!
Riceman says, "I did like some of the biographical information."

Amanda asks, "Do you think that I should cite it a different way?"

I did also!
Riceman asks, "Which info do you think is particularly interesting for your reader?"

Riceman says, "What do you mean about citing..."

Where from? Who it is? What she does? Something about organization, how she affects community...
Riceman says, "I think there are other ways of integrating quotes--"

Amanda says, "Because I got it out of a paper that someone else had interviewed her."

Riceman says, "instead of starting a new sentence with the quote, lead into it"

Riceman says, "Ah..."

Riceman says, "Is there a way, for example, that you could combine the ideas in the two"

See Ball Point book....
Riceman asks, "sentences: "She graduated.... and "'During my time'"?" good idea...never thought of it like that. :)
Amanda says, "Ahhh...I see your point very clearly now. :)"

Riceman says, "Oh, with citing something... you do it right when you say"

Riceman says, ""(News Sentinal 3A)"

Riceman says, "Do include that in the previous sentence though"

Amanda says "Yes, I will try that."

Amanda asks, "So it is right then?"

Riceman says, "For example: ...Miss Virginia said (News Sentinel 3A)."

Riceman asks, "Do you see the difference?"

Amanda utters.... "kindof?!"

Riceman asks, "How would you do the one at the bottom of page-1?"

Good Ideas!
Amanda says "For two years however, she had charge of the Crippled Children's Clinic at St. Joseph's and "it was during that time that I began to feel uneasy; as if I should be doing more." (News Sentinel 3A)

Riceman says, "Good job Amanda..."

Amanda says "oops.... and Strantz said "......" (News Sentinel 3A)??????????

Amanda asks "Which one sounds better?"\

Riceman says, "Just how you wrote it before, but: ...doing more" (News Sentinel 3A)."

great! I did it! (He had a good idea/suggestion when he said that about citing.)
Riceman says, "The period goes at the very end, after the (XXX)."

Riceman says, "I like how you've integrated the two sentences"

Amanda Says "So it should read: "Blah blah.......more (News Sentinel 3A)."

Riceman exclaims, "You got it!"

Amanda shouts, "Alleluia!"

I didn't know that. so that was nice to know.
Riceman says, "You do mention some good bibliographic info--"

Riceman smiles.

Riceman says, "I'm curious though..."

Amanda says, "oops...everyone is looking at me now...hahahaha!"

awesome! :)
Riceman asks, "Do you use some of the information to talk about community?"

Amanda Smiles!

Riceman smirks.

Riceman thinks Joel's enthusiasm has worn off on Amanda.

Amanda says, "Okay, that is the part that I haven't gotten to yet. I was running out of time the day that I was working on it. :]"

Riceman says, "I'm particularly interested in Strantz's German/French heritage--"

Riceman says, "ah..."

I was laughing at this point...funny!
Amanda says, "Hahaha....I think so. He is very euthusiastic! His jokes are pretty good!"

Riceman says, "Is there a way to suggest that, perhaps, some of these traits"

Amanda says, "Umm...okay. Do you think that I should mention more on that?"

Riceman says, "are characteristic of Virginia's age..."

Riceman asks, "and then can relate to communities outside of her age?"

Amanda says, "Because I really don't know too much on that."

Riceman says, "That is, do you think the Fort Wayne community today can learn from"

Amanda says "Woah, hold up there buddy. You confused me a little. Let me read what you wrote again."

Riceman asks, "when she was working in the hospital or St. Catherine's Academy?"

Riceman smiles.

Riceman holding on

Yes, I think that they probably could. Very much so. (I was confused at this point, the day I was on the MOO.)
Amanda says, "I'm going to say: 'Yes, that they can learn. But I am still confused on what you are trying to say!"

Riceman says, "Well, methinks I'm getting at that second half of the assignment, really..."

Amanda says, "I think that I am getting it a little better here."

Riceman says, "Using some of the things you talk about in your essay to make general"

Riceman says, "points about community"

Riceman builds another chair for Amanda: "You must be tired standing

I was confused a lot then but not now! :)
Amanda sit

Riceman smiles.

Riceman hands Amanda a coke. We're out of Pepsi.

Amanda Says "I don't know how to sit...I told you before...I am not good at this."

Amanda says "Thanks, I was thirsty also and very hungry!"

I don't know command for "sit" (as you can see).
Riceman asks, "You're doing great-- really... do you see the point about community?"

Amanda says, "I think that I see the point about community."

Riceman says, "Let's look at the top of page-2 for a sec..."

Amanda says again, "But could you one last time restate what you are trying to say?"

yes, I see it now!
Amanda says, "okeedokee!"

Riceman says, "There's a good example in: "a low-rent housing project...""

Amanda laughs!

Amanda says "Okay, I read it..."

nice word!
Riceman wonders if everyone around Amanda thinks she's goofy

Amanda says "Oh, I am sure of it!" :)

hahaha :) ...
Riceman asks, "Tell me, what do low-rent housing projects indicate about a community?"

Riceman asks, "That is, what needs do they have?"

Amanda says, "That is might say that they are in need of help and that they are poor and wanting help from someone in the community!"

Amanda says "Their needs are food, money, shelter, love, etc...."

Riceman says, "Good point. What kind of help? You say "some love, a friendship...""

Riceman asks, "ah, food, money, shelter, etc. How can one tangibly give that>?"

Amanda says, "I guess just someone to love them and be there for them."

Riceman asks, "What community projects/services are in Fort Wayne?"

Amanda says "Through donations and help from the community....are we getting somewhere?"

Amanda says, "Goodwill stores-(I shop there sometimes, so I know--smiles!), Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchens, Miss Virginia's organization, St. Vincent de Paul society, etc."

by Miss Virginia helping them it shows the rest of the community that poor aren't all scummy and sick, it shows that others should care for them and help them. (she is a good example.)
Riceman asks, "Do you think community can be the creation of these services?"

Amanda says, "there are many, I don't know all of them."

Riceman says, "Great examples..."

Amanda says, "Why of course!"

Riceman asks, "Amanda, do you think some of these things could be included in your essay?"

yes, it means that the community was concerned and tried to do something about it. It has helped some.
Amanda says, "Yes they could be. But where should I include them--with the 'low rent housing' part?"

Riceman says, "that's a good idea"

Riceman says, "Or, maybe in the part you want to add about communities in general"

Riceman says, "I also wanted to mention how the reader is a bit confused on things like"

Riceman asks, "everyday clothes-- is it everyday to them or her?"

Amanda says "A bit confused on what?" (Long sentence-doesn't fit on screen)

Riceman says, "Do you think it's important to point out that she is recognizing difference"

Riceman asks, "between her daily life and theirs?"

Amanda says, "It is everyday clothes to "everyone"......"

Riceman says, "ahh...."

that was confusing for the reader...oops. (Although, that is what it said in the article...hmm)
Riceman asks, "Do you think it's important to include the year in the next paragraph?"

Amanda says, "That would be important."

Riceman says, "You know, where you mention "they were open 2-3 days after school""

Amanda says, "Yes, and indeed I have the year!"

Riceman says, "coolness..."

Amanda says "Well okay, maybe I don't...........ugh"

yes, I included it...what a good idea... :)
Riceman says, "I think it would be interesting for the reader because it would"

Riceman says, "remind them that we're talking about a different time period"

Riceman says, "although the same good benifits from both communities can be brought"

Riceman says, "together"

Riceman holding

Riceman says, "By the way, I really liked the part about the Elmhurst students"

interesting point...
Amanda says, "Okay, that is true. I will have to do some calculations because I have one year and I am going to have to do some adding to it. It is the year from when she graduated from St. Joe's Hospital nurse's training."

Amanda says, "I think that I could add on that. Because I have a whole article about it."

Riceman says, "Cool.... hey, do me a favor"

Riceman says, "Can you write me out a list of all the things that define "community""

I found a year.
Amanda is overwhelmed at all this 'new jazz' she can put into her paper that she didn't even think of. :)

Riceman asks, "in your paper?"

Riceman smiles.

Amanda says, "IN MY PAPER?"

Amanda says, "like where at?"

interesting quote I came up with (Hoping it made "Riceman" laugh.)
Riceman nods: "things like shelters, providing food, listening to others"

Riceman says, "Perhaps things that made Virginia "popular" as you say"

Amanda says, "Okay, perhaps....."

Riceman feels convincing.

Amanda says, "Should I go ahead and list them in the community part? The end of the paper?"

Riceman says, "type: read project"

Riceman says, "In the next to the last paragraph it talks about moving from the inside"

Riceman says, "to the outside: moving from Virginia to overall ideas on community"

Amanda says, "Hmmm....."

Riceman says, "I think the paper is also looking for how Virginia's efforts effect other"

interesting. I was lost at where should put this stuff in at...
Riceman says, "communities--" yes, indeed it is! (very good.)
Riceman finishes coke, burps subtly, opens another can.

Amanda says, "That is correct. I need to add that to my paper yet..."

Riceman nudges another can in Amanda's direction.

Amanda says, "Woah....you must be thirsty, huh? No thanks, one can is enough for me."

he was Thirsty! haha...
Riceman says, "Has writing the paper made you think about the community you live in?>"

Riceman smiles.

Amanda says, "Yes, it has made me realize that I should be doing more for the community and that others should help out more and not just shrug it off."

Riceman says, "Wow... that's neat-"

Amanda asks, "How do you think that I should start about the community part?"

Riceman asks, "What kind of "papers" are in our culture?"

Heck yes! We need more help w/poor...
Riceman asks, "That is, do you think movies try to promote the same reflection?"

Amanda ponders.

Riceman envisions Amanda pondering.

No--good point he brought up...
Amanda says, "Pardon my language but: HELL NO! It does just the opposite!"

Riceman thinks this is a possible way of "start(ing)...the community part."

Woops...Amanda might of went off the handle....
Amanda says, "Awesome----good connection 'Riceman'!"

Riceman asks, "How so?"

very good connection!
Amanda asks, "Where did you get your name (a little off the subject)?"

Amanda says, "Interesting."

Riceman says, "type: finger riceman"

Amanda says, "Hey, that is pretty slick!"

Riceman asks, "Do you think Freshman Connections is about community?"

Amanda says, "Yes, I believe so."

interesting name.
Amanda says, "I am glad that i am getting a print out-there is just too much info to keep up with. You are a good writing tutor-much better than my last one."

Amanda smiles!

Riceman smirks.

Riceman thinks Amanda has all the ideas

a lot of info there. But that is good too.
Amanda says, "Yes, indeed I think I do."

Riceman laughs.

Riceman says, "Hey, you bring in some aspects of religion. Talk to me."

I wasn't trying to be conceited. Riceman had all the ideas! :)
Amanda says, "So you think that I should add stuff about what kinds of programs my community has, how Virginia's background effects the community she helps, use Virginia Strantz and her organization instead of 'it's', etc...?"

Amanda says, "Oh boy.....here we go...."

Riceman says, "those all sound like great additions, yes"

Riceman smiles.

this will take forever but very good ideas indeed.
Riceman considers opening a third can of coke

Riceman looks around for chips, wonders if Amanda brought any

Amanda says, "yes, I guess that I do indeed talk about Religion on a very vague note."

Amanda says, "Why of course I did!"

Amanda says, "Man you drink a lot of pop!"

Riceman says, "You have a little about Virginia being catholic in the second paragraph"

Riceman nods.

Amanda says, "I personally don't care for pop too much-----uch!"

Riceman says, "and then you share her quote about "the Holy Spirit""

Amanda says, "Ahh..yes."

he was drinking a lot...hmm.
Riceman asks, "Do you think a community can benifit from different relgions?"

Amanda asks, "Should I elaborate on the Holy Spirit. Is that what you are saying?"

I believe yes they can. That is a good point, I hadn't thought about it.
Riceman says, "I'm curious if Virginia's quote manifests itself in other forms besides"

Amanda says, "Umm..sure..."

Riceman says, "the foundation of religion-"

hmm...I don't know about that...
Riceman says, "Of course, I'm not saying you *should* write about anything, just bouncin'"

Riceman says, "ideas"

Amanda says, "I think you have another good point. But I don't see where/if I should put tha in my paper--it seems kindof like it's off the subject a tad."

Riceman asks, "Do you think Virginia felt her community efforts were a job or a way of life?" a way of life..a very giving woman.
Amanda says, "Of course....smiles and gives an okay sign."

Riceman wonders what kind of chips Amanda has

Amanda Says, "I think that she thought that it was just the way she was. She was doing it because she was "told" too..."

Amanda likes to smile!
Amanda says, "I have Nacho Cheese Doritoes!"

Amanda says, "yummy, yummy, those sound good right now."

those sound good right now also...yummy!
Riceman says, "Really! Because she was told to. Doritoes are the best. Crunch."

Amanda says, "Yes, she had a gut feeling to help others out. She thought it was her vocation in life."

Holy Spirit told her to do so.
Riceman says, "So it did kindof become a way of life then."

Amanda says, "Yes. But a way of life that she enjoys and loves."

Riceman asks, "Should a community stress that these things are duties or ways of life?"

Amanda says, "I think that they should stress that they are a way of life-a way in which everyone should take part in and do. We need more people out there like her."

A way of life to her and so many.
Amanda says, "It's not necessarily a "DUTY", just something that everyone should like to do."

Riceman is wondering if copy and paste from MOO-logs to papers works.

Riceman agrees, wholeheartedly.

I wouldn't call it a duty, something that is done (way of life.)
Amanda says, "Why? Am what I am saying, should it be in the paper?"

Riceman smiles.

Riceman says, "Amanda, I'm curious. Have you thought of sharing this paper when it's"

Amanda grins widely

Riceman asks, "finished with some community groups?"

Amanda says, "No, I haden't thought about it."

Riceman says, "I really do think it could make a big difference for people who read it"

Amanda says, "But that is a great idea."

Amanda says, "That is what I like to do best, make a change in our community and world!"

Riceman asks, "Who could you share it with?"

Amanda Says, "I could share it with M.Virginia herself, a domestic violence shelter, HFH, geez I don't really know for sure....youth programs..."

Riceman says, "great ideas"

Amanda says, "That is so awesome---I should do that."

This was really awesome to "hear." I hadn't thought about reading it to people--but maybe I should. It could change someone's life.. :) That is what I like to do best. :)
Riceman applauds Amanda, people down the hall look at Riceman with wonder coolness! (Amanda was laughing!)
Riceman says, "In a way, it's like you are making the difference in your community"

Riceman says, "by sharing your writing about it"

Amanda smiles and laughs loudly.....people around her look puzzled looks on their faces!!

Riceman smiles.

Amanda says, "That is absolutely right...maybe someone could put it in the paper.?!?!"

Riceman bets they're all jealous that you have doritoes

Riceman exclaims, "Great idea!"

that would be smooth...
Amanda says, "I am being secretive about it because you aren't SUPPOSE to have food in labs.....oops..."

Riceman smiles.

Amanda says, "Thanks!"

dumb humor!
Riceman asks, "Do you think conferencing on the MOO is different than in person?"

Amanda asks, "So you think that this paper isn't too terribly bad then I take it?"

yes, seems like you get more done!
Riceman says, "It's a fascinating paper-"

Amanda says, "Yes, in some ways it's better because now I can go back and see what you 'said' because before I would forget some of the 'ideas' the tutors had."

Riceman says, "And I think you know areas that you want to work on."

Amanda says, "So yes, I believe they are better than the one on one conferences in the WWCenter."

GREAT! (Amanda was blushing..haha)
Riceman says, "Perhaps you might want to suggest to Joel that you'd like to listen to"

Riceman says, "the tapes from earlier conferences...."

good idea...(but I'm on break now..so it wouldn't work for this project.)
Amanda says, "Of course, I will ask him on Wednesday where I need to list them." oops...forgot about that!
Riceman says, "Do you think you *think* about your writing more because to communicate"

Amanda says, "Oops, I got half of your sentence and thought you said something else."

Riceman says, "Do you think you *("

Amanda Says, "Good idea about the tapes."

this confused me a little. A weird sentence!
Riceman asks, "Do you think you *think*( more about writing in the MOO?"

Amanda agrees (yes).

Riceman says, "That is, you are writing in the MOO about writing instead of talking"

Riceman says, "about writing..."

yes, definately!
Riceman says, "I think that's really interesting"

Amanda says, "I think it is better. :)

I think its very interesting also! :)
Riceman says, "Maybe when I go to Fort Wayne some day I'll see your essay posted..."

Amanda says, "Well this was very fun and interesting--much more exciting then the last conference."

Amanda smiles and says "I hope so!"

Riceman smiles.

Riceman says, "Thanks for your time Amanda- your writing is very sincere and wholehearted"

Amanda hands Rich a handful of chips for his good deed for the day.

Riceman munches, while smiling

Amanda says, "Thank you --it comes from the heart!"

Amanda blushes again! :)
Riceman asks, "The Chips?"

Riceman smiles.

Amanda says, "So long and have a good day, Rich!"

Riceman says, "you 2 Amanda..."

Riceman waves.

Amanda waves bye and exits!

Amanda has disconnected.

The housekeeper arrives to remove Amanda.

Riceman goes out.

haha--funny humor! :)
I personally thought this "conference" was more worth while. We talked about my writing a lot unlike the conference at the WC. (I didn't get much out of that, but this...I really did.) Rich was an excellent writing tutor! He's funny too! I really enjoyed this one better. :)