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Amanda's Post-Tutorial Reflection

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This conference was so much more beneficial to me rather than the face to face conference in the Writing Center. I enjoyed this tutorial much more b/c all the "ideas" Rich suggested were great whereas at the Writing Center, the "ideas" were unclear, "weird", etc... It was very informative and clear. I communicated better w/ this tutor--very friendly and funny. The helpfulness of this conference was ten-fold. It was an hour and a half well spent. I would like to do the conferences again on the MOO.

Yes, I thought that this was very beneficial in the writing of my paper. Yes, the logs were great to look back at when the tutorial session was over--b/c even though the ideas were great, I forgot some of the things he said. Then when I looked back over it, it was clear! So I thought the tutorial and this log was extremely helpful in the writing on my paper. :)