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Peer Conference on Janet's Paper
Janet's Annotated MOO Log

Janet's Post-Conference Reflection

Cathy has arrived.

Janet has arrived.

Cathy says, "so janet, discuss somethin"

april has arrived.

april says, "both of your stories are interesting"

april says, "mine is not controversy, it is just about the firemen in my community. Not a whole lot goes on in Farmland"

Cathy asks, "well, they do affect the community and the people, right?"

april says, "yes they do"

Janet says, "i think both of your guys stories were interesting, also"

Cathy says, "I think it's a really good topic, but I like those types of stories."

Cathy asks, "Gambling in your town must suck then, right Janet?"

april asks, "Cathy, what are you going to use for a written reference? Will it be hard to find something?"

Janet says, "my story is controversial because some people wanted the gambling while others definitely didn't because they lived in Lawrenceburg for 50 or so years."

Cathy says, "Well, now I'm having a problem because I was gonna use my friend as a source, but he doesn't want to talk about it anymore."

april says, "I thought I might have trouble finding a written reference, but my dad's friend is a fireman in Farmland and he kept a scrapbook of articles. I was lucky to be able to get them so easily."

I picked gambling because not a lot really goes on in my town.
Janet exclaims, "well i haven't been gambling, but our town has definitely been turned around bythis within the last year!"

Cathy says, "that's really cool, april. I wish I could have found stuff like that. Now it looks like I may have to change my topic or at least my issue that I'm discussing."

april asks, "What size was your town to start out with?"

Our town was so "innocent," but now I think our town looks cheap!
Janet says, "I haven't got any newspaper articles yet, but when i go home over break i'm heading for the library to look @ articles"

Cathy asks, "whose town? Mine or Janet's?"

april exclaims, "I'm sure there will be plenty of articles!"

april says, "I'm sorry, I was asking Janet."

Cathy exclaims, "Janet, answer the question!"

The library will have every article about this and it will be very helpful.
Janet exclaims, "my town is medium sized, I don't know the exact # until I go home to look that up!"

april says, "I always describe my town as being so small that we do not even have a stop light."

Cathy says, "Medium sized....whatever"

Cathy says, "My town is considered small and there are 26,000 + people in it."

Cathy says, "but we're a suburb of Chicago, too."

april says, "when I tell people where I am from they always think I live on a farm, but I don't."

Cathy exclaims, "that's what I would have assumed, too!!"

april says, "I have even had to show people my drivers license because they do not believe me that it is the name of a town."

april asks, "Janet, who are you going to interview?"

My town is actually small, but I think it is big compared to bordering towns.
Janet exclaims, "the weird thing is that they put in another riverboat in a town about 25 miles away from mine,,,so a lot of people stay in my town because the other town, Dillsboro, is smaller than mine!"

april asks, "Are you going to try to get both sides? Those for and against it?"

Cathy asks, "That is an odd name for a town April, but how long have you lived there?"

Cathy says, "that's pretty dumb, Janet"

I think it is stupid to have two boats within a 1/2 hour of each other!
Janet exclaims, "I am going to interview my mom, a worker @ the casino, and a person who has lived in my town for 50 years or more!"

april says, "I have lived there all of my life except for two years when I lived in Parker City just 4 miles down the road. It is just as small"

april says, "Sounds good to me, Janet."

Cathy asks, "So how big was your high school?"

april says, "I graduated with about 90 people."

Cathy asks, "90?????"

Cathy says, "Oh my..."

Cathy says, "wow."

april says, "That was not just people from Farmland either. There were people that went to my school from different small communities in my area."

Janet exclaims, "I DON'T HAVE AN ACCENT!!!!"

Cathy asks, "that's amazing. It just seems so small....one of those towns where everybody knows everybody, right?"

Janet exclaims, "you must really have a small school!"

april exclaims, "Pretty much!"

Janet exclaims, "April...you know everyone that lives in your town!"

april asks, "So Cathy, do you think you will be able to keep your same topic? If not do you have any other ideas?"

The opinions will show the controversy.
Janet says, "I might change my topic"

Cathy says, "Cathy doesn't like Janet"

Cathy says, "Cathy doesn't like Janet"

Cathy says, "Janet is annoying....who agrees? I do....I do...."

Cathy says, "why is this not working"

Cathy says, "Ok...see? I was just saying those things about you to see if this thing was still working or not."

april says, "why do you want to change your topic? I think the one you have is good."

Cathy says, "Janet, yours is really good. Don't change it because you could have a really good paper since what you're talking about is very controversial."

I was thinking I might change it to be less confusing, but that idea vanished.
Janet exclaims, "Three guys that went to my school...two of which were going to bsu.....died friday night in a carwreck! It would be more current, but i still don't know!"

Cathy says, "I want to keep my topic, but I don't think my friend wants me to write about it anymore."

Cathy says, "Janet, I don't think Josh likes me. I don't think he ever did....I'm being serious."

april asks, "Does he know that you are writing about it now?"

This was a more recent topic.
Janet exclaims, "i guess i will deep the same topic because it would be more controversial!!"

Janet asks, "like how?"

Cathy asks, "like how?"

april says, "Janet, I think your paper will be good because you will have good interviews if you interview the people you named."

april exclaims, "Bye!"

april goes out.

Cathy has disconnected.

The housekeeper arrives to remove Cathy.

The riverboat gambling has more controversy.