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Annotated MOO Log of a Writing Tutorial
Flipper (writer) and casimar (tutor)

Flipper's Post-Tutorial Reflection

Flipper has arrived.

casimar has arrived.

casimar sits down in a chair.

Flipper says, "ah so here we are.....finally"

Flipper sits down in a chair.

casimar says, ""whew!""

casimar says, ""so, how are you doing?""

casimar says, ""it feels like its been a long time since we last spoke!""

Flipper asks, "not bad what about you?"

casimar says, ""ok, except I can't do anything right so far... (grin)""

Flipper . o O ( )

casimar asks "what's that?"

Flipper says, "hummmm.....by the way did you know that you dont have to putyour own quotes around your text...only the first one...."

Flipper says, "what is what..."

casimar exclaims, "I did not, actually. I'll try to avoid that... explainsthe double quotes!"


Flipper says, "ok ....so about this paper..."

casimar says, ""ok! I have your ruff draft here... Marion is pretty excitingthen, huh?""

Flipper says, "nope....."

I had no idea that we did speak, unless he is talking about how long it took us to get here.
casimar says, ""I was kind of wondering--is the paper more about the coffeeshop or the boringness?""

casimar asks "or do those two facets come into conflict somehow?"

Flipper says, "hmmmmm..... good question....well i can tell you what it wassupposed to be about...."

casimar says, ""okay!""

casimar listens attentively

Flipper says, "originally it was supposed to be how the coffee shop was givingchange to our community in the way that is gave teens something to do (asapposed to trouible) and a new place for business tycoons to graba bite toeat..."

casimar and your idea changed?

Flipper says, "huh?....changed....nope jsut not comming acroosed how i wantedit too...."

casimar often confuses :'s with "'s

casimar says, "I guess I 'get' it then. You just are awful heavy about theboring aspects... I was reading it your way, actually. So we're on track.""

I never realized I was writing 2 papers.
casimar asks, "one thing that confuses me, though--its fun to hang out in abank?"

Flipper says, "Nope just the parking lot....its by the mall so when it closeswe would go over there ]"

Flipper says, "but not any more..."

this guy is hilarious
casimar asks, "how many people are we talking about?"

Flipper says, "you mean that would hang out ...."

casimar nods

Flipper says, "well i dunno...i guess i never really took a head count...."

casimar asks, "I was just curious... was it more than a dozen?"

Flipper says, "they arent always people that you know really....just teens ingeneral..."

casimar asks, "was 'EVERYONE' there? You know, pretty much all the kids fromschool?"

Flipper says, "these are tuff questions.....well we couldnt fit marion hightschool in the parking lot....but we filled it with our vehicles..."

casimar says, "how big is marion (just approximately?)"

casimar says, "or the high school, for that matter..."

Flipper says, "i couldnt even give you a close figure....our high school hasaround 1200 students....does that help..."

I didn't fully understand where he was going with this. . .
casimar says, "okay... those were just the sort of details I was wondering,after reading your paper... could you include some information on Marion? For all I know, it could be a town with three people, or one with 1.5million..."

casimar asks, ""is it bigger than Muncie?"

Flipper says, "nope...."

casimar blinks

Flipper says, "in fact in my first ruff draft (that i lost) i had includedmarions size..."

Flipper pours a hot cup of Swiss Mocha Almond coffee, stirs, and enjoys.

casimar asks, "oh! that would be kind of interesting... where is Marion fromhere?"

Flipper says, "it is 40 miles north west...."

Flipper . o O ( you should try the coffee..... )

casimar pours a hot cup of Swiss Mocha Almond coffee down the front of hisshirt, screams, and looks for a first aid kit

casimar says, "didn't work for me--Joel must have reprogrammed it"

Flipper laughes out loud...

casimar accepts the kit and uses it

Flipper asks, "so i should add marion's population...?"

casimar (bandaging himself) "If you think it helps set the scene... do youthink its important?

. . .until here.
Flipper says, "well i guess that is what i am asking...do you think it isimportant as a reader that you know about the town..."

casimar asks, "as a reader, I was wondering things like that... where is it?how big? maybe even some details on when or why the city officials startedbreathing down your neck. Was there an incident or something?"

Flipper says, "na i dont think so ...i think we were (they were) a littledestructive..."

casimar asks, "...is the destructiveness something you deliberately decidednot to include?"

this is what I was thinking
Flipper says, "i think so...mnostly because i dont really know..or even if icould find out...maybe the bank complained..."

casimar says, "you don't think that's relevant to why they started to houndyou? You say (in this draft) 'so the question was, who or what was going tokeep the teens out of trouble?'"

casimar says, ""I think that's what had me a little confused about yourtopic... I believe I was waiting for some explanation of the trouble, or ofwhich kids were responsible for the stuff that got you all targeted...""

I decided to delete everything aout being destructive and the bank lots--to avoid a long paper. I realized I had to many things going on and I was losing the point of the paper.
Flipper says, "well.....ok what i wanted to say was this.....the town isboring, beacuse 1. there is jsut nothing to do and 2. they took all of thethings WE foiund for us to do away...."

casimar nods "okay... and I think you've done that pretty well. I mean, howbored do you have to be before you go to a bank parking lot, right?

Flipper asks, "is that a little more clear..or no?"

Flipper says, "i guess so...."

Flipper says, "in fact that is a very good point"

Flipper makes a mental note of what casimar said.

casimar asks, "yes, I think so... so what sources were you going to use? Aninterview about being boring, and an article about Mike's opening... anythingelse?"

casimar thinks "oops--'I think so' referred to your question about if thingswere clear. I wasn't being arrogant there, honest

Flipper says, "well....i have a n interview from mike....about the coffee shopin general...i planed on interviewing a few customers about how they liked itand their views on If it has changed marion...."

casimar asks, "hey! that's exactly where I was heading... what sort of thingsdid Mike say about teens?"

Flipper "i have an article in the paper that came out before he opened....i amassuming it will fit in there somewhere..(if only i can remember where i putit)

casimar enjoys a COLD beverage; offers Flipper some Coke

Flipper says, "well...he thinks that it (the shop) is working..."

I decided to go w/ #2
Flipper . o O ( thanks but i dont like brown pop..... )

Flipper says, "i work at the shop as well so not only do i hear that it isworking i can see it"

Don't ask
casimar asks, "was he living in town before the shop opened? does he have anyperspectives about the boring? about kids being destructive?"

Flipper says, "well no i dunno....he was born in michigan (like you couldnthave rtead that right?) when he came here he knew he was going to open"something" up...i dont think he really knew it was goingto be a coffeeshop...."

I guess this is important stuff.
casimar says, "I was just wondering... because if you ASKED him about yourthesis, it might give you a way to integrate his random action with thesignificance you're saying the shop now has for you and your friends..."

Flipper says, "i think the idea of coffee just came from the fact that therewasnt one in marion...he knew that he would draw in a younger crowd (we havea university in town) but he didnt know that is would be because of items 1and 2 listed before"

casimar says, ""if he didn't KNOW it would be this important, then that'sinteresting to me... its just that I was thinking of this as a dream of his,or something."

Flipper says, "i'm lost...."

casimar asks, "oops--where did I lose you?"

Flipper says, "well it was...a dream...he dreamed that one dxay he would ownhis own business..."

He gave me alot of good question ideas to ask Mike.
casimar says, ""well, its like this--it kind of sounds like TWO papers to me. 1) this place is boring and 2) Mike Holder saved us...""

Flipper says, "hmmmm....."

casimar says, "this is obviously NOT bad, since the two ideas arecause-effect, but if you asked Mike some questions about WHY he made theshop, or had him acknowledge 'this town isn't boring anymore!' or something,then one of your SOURCES will make the link between 1) and 2) for you, andyou don't have to! So I keep looking for that connection in what you'retelling me."

Flipper says, "so if i go woth option 2 .....i would still have to say thatthis place was boring right...he cant save us if it wasnt...."

casimar says, "yes, quite. I just misunderstood... so probably what's neededis a transition. A description, perhaps of what Mike found... or why acoffee shop, and not some other kind of business."

Flipper says, "ah i see what you are saying now....i need to ask mike why hechose a coffee shop instead of ...a shoe store..|(or something...0"

Flipper holds up a BIG sign: | i cannot type |

casimar says, "it's not that you don't have a structure, its just that Iwasn't sure how to relate Mike back to the problems you describe in the firstparagraph about being bored! Yes, that's what I was trying to say..."

Flipper . o O ( ah it is an old MOOing secret......if i told you i would haveto kill you ...sorry... )

casimar pulls a rabbit out of his hat "I quite understand."

Flipper smiles

casimar asks "are we on the same channel now? Or did I confuse again?

*Exactly I had NO idea I was doing this
casimar holds up a BIG sign: | text |

casimar says, ""ha!""

Flipper says, "na i get it...i had the right idea..i was jsut asking the wrongquestions...."

Flipper says, "close..."

Flipper says, "but no cigar..."

That happens every time.
casimar exclaims, "well, there's no right or wrong... its up to you what youask. And its ultimately up to you to reject or accept what I say... afterall, its your paper and your coffee shop!"

Flipper . o O ( )

casimar says, "but as a reader, yes, I was kind of confused about where you were going with Mike"

casimar holds up a : | THIS SPACE FOR RENT |
um. . .
Flipper exclaims, "oh jenn6 would be mad if i went anywhere with mike.....lol!"

Flipper . o O ( where in the world did that 6 come from.... )

Flipper . o O ( i need more sleep at night... )

casimar what's "lol?"

Flipper says, "laughing out loud...."

casimar lol!

Flipper says, "very good...."

casimar asks, "just out of curiousity--who are the tycoons you describe inyour paper?"

Flipper says, "so what else..."

Flipper says, "i dunno but i love that word...."

casimar asks, "I was kind of picturing the little Monopoly guy... is that whatI was supposed to be thinking?"

Flipper says, "na....i think that i was referring to all of the lawyers andbusiness people on the square...the square is where the court house is ...andthere are alot of them there..."

:) I crack myself up.
casimar asks, "interesting... are kids welcome in the daytime, or no?"

Flipper looks at here monopoly board ......and can see their resemblance....

Flipper asks, "yep..it is jsut that they are usually in school....should thatbe stated?"

casimar says, "sure, that might be nice... I guess I was thinking that theplace had some tie-only rule during the day, or something"

Flipper says, "na...."

casimar says, ""and your description of the city square--lawyers, judges,etc.--would probably be useful to people (like idiot me) who haven't seen it"

Flipper makes a mental note of what casimar said.

casimar makes a mental note of Flipper making a mental note... what was Isaying?

Flipper asks, "huh?"

Flipper exclaims, "you hjave this effect, when you speak i getconfused.....j/k!"

casimar lol "yeah, that's what they tell me!

casimar asks, "was there anything else in here you wanted to ask about?"

casimar says, "(in the paper)"

Flipper says, "(not in the paper) are you at BSU right now?,......"

casimar says, ""close to it... I'm in a student apt., which is technically BSUground"

casimar asks, "where are you?"

Flipper says, "i just wondered.....well...i dont think that i have anyquestions....i just need to spend a little time getting my self in the rightdirection...."

Flipper says, "in RB main..."

casimar exclaims, ""thanks for showing me the sign thing, by the way. I hopethat the session helped YOU some too. You taught me some neat tricks, too!"

casimar holds up a BIG sign: | THANKS FLIPPER! YOU'RE |
                             | THE QUEEN OF THE OCEAN |

casimar asks, ""or was the tv show Flipper before your time...?"

Flipper says, "nope ...ive seen it....."

Flipper says, "why are you fading away...."

Flipper . o O ( jst thought i would ask.... )

casimar says, ""oh, that's just my description... I think its neat"

Flipper says, "yeah..."

casimar says, ""yours is better... I just looked"

Flipper says, "i used tro be carrying a karaoke too but i put it in myroom...."

casimar asks, "did you program those items yourself?"

Flipper says, "na ...they are jsut generic..."

casimar asks, "where did you get them?"

Flipper says, "i jsut made them up....."

casimar asks, "oh, how?"

Flipper says, "@create..."

casimar asks, ""hmmm... I'll have to look at that later. Do you think thistalk helped any with your paper?"

casimar says, ""nyah.. I can turn it off, if you want. I really am justcurious""

Flipper says, "oh.....i see...sure i think i can fix a few things and add in afew more things and have a good paper.....like the ruff draft in front of yousays....it was a REALLY RUFF draft..."

casimar asks, ""ok. and if you have any more questions, or would like anotherdraft... feel free to e-mail me. We could meet in here, or you could sendthe draft or something, ok?"

casimar says, "it seems like a really interesting topic""

Flipper says, "kwel....."

casimar says, ""I think its an interesting place... don't know what to make ofit sometimes, though"

Flipper says, "well thanks for your help..."

Flipper says, "a beagle......"

casimar asks, ""thanks for being so patient with the room # thing... and goodluck, ok?"

casimar drops beagle.

Flipper says, "thanks....."

casimar picks up beagle.

Flipper says, "dont forget your new pet....."

casimar lol

casimar asks, ""say hi to Mike for me, ok?"

casimar asks, ""(I used to live in Michigan, so we MUST know each other,right?"

Flipper says, "np...."

Flipper says, "i guess so ....."

Flipper says, "ok well stacie is here to pick me up for lunch...so we hadbetter head out..."

casimar exclaims, ""well... I guess I'd better turn off the recorder. Have anice lunch! Bye!"

casimar fades slowly from view

Flipper says, "have a nmice day...and thanks again for all of your help..."

Flipper says, "bye"

Flipper gets up from the chair.

Flipper goes home.

I didn't realize how unclear I was
Tell him to keep his beagle out of my fish tank! :)