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The teaching of writing is one of the most fluid and explosive fields in terms of the growth and implementation of innovative learning environments like networked computer classrooms with Internet access. One of the fastest growing trends in teaching composition with computers is the use of educational MOOs. The entry of Lingua MOO into this pedagogical scene marks a new direction for electronic composition classroom activities by the addition of synchronous (MOO) and asynchronous (WWW interface) capabilities. Because the design and administration of Lingua MOO have been totally conceived and driven by an emphasis on research and community, Lingua MOO is also a webbed MOO and offers many of its resources from our website. For this reason, it will be helpful to glance at how this article is organized, how to navigate it, and how to explore Lingua MOO itself.

Much of what we discuss in this article is part of a bigger story behind our collaboration, which can be found in our 1995 MLA presentation. Background on analogies with intelligent classrooms and contexts within the broader educational MOO spectrum will illustrate how we came to co-edit a collection of essays called HIGH WIRED, a project we are currently working on. Throughout the web, readers may access information about teaching and research features of Lingua MOO, about specific events at Lingua that affect the teaching of writing, guides for preparing students and for evaluating their MOO activities, and other points of interest and resources.

We hope you enjoy your journey as much as we have enjoyed creating our community and fostering its use for composition teaching and research. Collaboration is a touchstone term at Lingua MOO, and we hope readers of our article and guests at Lingua find something in common -- real people and real resources. Many educational MOOs like Lingua are providing ways to enhance conventional pedagogical realities. What is hopefully clear about Lingua MOO is the fact that it is primarily due to our commitment as MOO administrators in the careful design of the space and features that helps writing teachers facilitate a learning reality unsurpassed in recent years and that perfectly positions them for still newer educational realities in years to come.

Lingua MOO was designed and built by Cynthia Haynes and Jan Rune Holmevik, 1995. The World Wide Web interface was originally written by Mark Blanchard.

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