Research Features at Lingua MOO

Lingua MOO is equipped with a number of research features that makes it an excellent frontend to the Internet. Text-based gopher and World Wide Web browsers can be created and used for gathering information from all across the Internet. Some web browsers have been set up to remember specific documents such as news sites that are updated daily or the Gutenberg project's homepage with links to a vast source of on-line literature. In order to maintain the notion of virtual reality these browsers have been disguised as 'books' and 'newspapers', and can be found several places in the MOO like the Computer Room and the Libris reading room. In addition, players may look up words in the online Webster's dictionary. When a word is chosen (@def 'word'), it displays the definition to all in the room. This has been extremely useful for student discussion groups and collaborative writing conferences. Teachers use it as well when conferencing with students about drafts of their writing assignments.

Other internet related research resources are the GNA Net and the Hall of Mirrors. Through the GNA Net, users of Lingua can communicate and network with people on other educational and professional MOOs all over the world. In the Hall of Mirrors you can step through several mirrors and instantly be transported to other Educational MOOs in Cyberspace.

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