What is Lingua MOO

The theme of Lingua MOO is conceived under the broadest notion of language arts. Most of the activity here involves research in the use of technology in the humanities, collaborative writing, and writing instruction. At Lingua MOO we teach writing in as creative and unique a way as possible. Teachers bring their classes online for interactive sessions, but others use Lingua for meetings, networking, and enhancing the MOO environment.

In essence, Lingua MOO's purpose is much greater than it may seem upon first glance. If you can imagine walking into a virtual library and finding a rare book waiting to be read, a story waiting to be finished, then you are on the right track. We call it a text-based synchronous learning environment.

The physical theme of Lingua MOO is that of a thriving community. As you enter from the Courtyard, you see the Library, the Collaboratory, the ComMOOnity, Lingua House, and the Help Kiosk. Any of these places is a good starting point from which your adventure begins. Once inside the buildings, you see a map of other rooms. Lingua wizards created the rooms in the main buildings and all the passageways that connect them. One caution, if you see a mirror, it may not reflect what you think.

Lingua MOO was created to serve primarily the UT-Dallas Rhetoric and Writing program and the School of Arts & Humanities. It serves as both a learning environment for our students and a broader community for research and collaboration on projects situated at the intersection of Arts & Humanities and electronic media. Lingua MOO is also home to an international network of researchers in these areas and supports links with other educational MOOs and the GNA-Net (Globewide Net work Academy). Character requests from students and faculty will be considered on the basis of mutual interest in our mission. Reasons for application should be explicit regarding the use of Lingua MOO in your research. All other individuals and students who visit Lingua MOO will connect as guests.

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