Collaboration at Lingua MOO

We are extremely committed to fostering an environment for collaboration at Lingua MOO. There are a number of ways to work collaboratively. First, we designed a special building to house such projects. It's called the COLLABORATORY, and you can find it off the main Courtyard. In the Collaboratory, students may create whole matrices of rooms and texts, collaborating in the design of the building and on the texts they create, and connect them to their office/room in the ComMOOnity. Students may also take advantage of the Multiple Ownership System available at Lingua MOO. The Multiple Ownership System (MO system) allows for more than one owner of textual and architectural objects.

One way to collaborate on writing projects involves recording a discussion and editing that transcript, revising it just as you would a word processing document. With the MO system, any number of players may edit the transcript.

Love the MOO. I will sincerely miss this class. The small group discussions made us focus on our assignment. I am pleased that this system was utilized in our course. Brent Ely, student UT Dallas.

With the @paste feature, players may also paste in text from outside the MOO (like a separate word file), which makes it easy to incorporate text from offline sources. In addition, Lingua MOO is now proud to offer a web publishing system within the MOO. The Cyphertext Lab is a special room where players may find instructions for creating HTML documents and publishing them from within the MOO as a webpage. Such collaboration enhances the pedagogical sphere and broadens the virtual community at the same time.

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