How This Web is Organized

This web explores the radical potential of the MOO as a new and dynamic pedagogical reality, but from the perspective of design and administration. In essence, the MOO is host to both micro-communities (individual classes) and macro-communities (research collectives), and the best way to insure the smooth integration of all the teaching features with research features is to blur the boundaries between the two in terms of design and administration.

The links provided through this web will lend support to that aim. Each link sends the reader to different discussions related to Lingua MOO and writing instruction, to various points of interest, and specially programmed features at Lingua that enhance pedagogical methods for writing teachers. Most of the links will allow the reader to return to the 'start page' though some are external links to outside resources, and a few take the reader directly to our web interface (in which case, to return to this web you will need to click on your back button or command your web browser to return backward). Finally, the web will help redefine the space of learning by weaving together teaching and research into one seamless pedagogical reality.

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