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Stasis: A Kairos Archive

Stasis aims to provide an archival space for resources related to rhetoric, technology and pedagogy that are not currently residing in stable archives or that are no longer available on the open web. The archives below are listed based on the year of addition to Stasis. This section also contains archival and indexing related elements of Kairos. Please send recommendations of candidates for inclusion to


KairosCast was a podcast produced and hosted by editors Courtney Danforth and Harley Ferris, published as a section of Kairos from August 2014 - January 2018.
  1. (15 August 2014) Guests: Cheryl Ball, Casey Boyle, Doug Eyman, Nathaniel Rivers, Kyle Stedman
  2. (9 October 2014) Guests: Casey Boyle, Brenda Brueggemann, Paul Kei Matsuda, Nathaniel Rivers, Mary P. Sheridan, Kyle Stedman
  3. (21 November 2014) Guests: Amber Buck, Alex Layne, Kristi Prins, Martha Webber, Samantha Blackmon, Not Your Mama's Gamer
  4. (21 December 2014) Hosts: Courtney Danforth and Harley Ferris
  5. (18 February 2015) Guests: Ryan Trauman, Ames Hawkins
  6. (26 May 2015) Guests: Brian Croxall, Ryan Trauman, Kris Blair, Michael Day, Cindy Selfe
  7. (1 January 2016) Guests: Steph Ceraso, Bruno Ruviaro, Cydney Alexis
  8. (31 August 2016) Guests: Lauren Neefe, Cydney Alexis
  9. (21 November 2016) Guest: Karl Stolley
Index: All Kairos Reviews
A continuously updtated list of reviews published in Kairos from issue 1.1 (January, 1996) to the present.
Index: All Kairos Interviews
A continuously updtated list of interviews published in Kairos from issue 1.1 (January, 1996) to the present.


Greg Ulmer: Noonstar and other works
The first in a series of works by Greg Ulmer archived here in stasis - we'll be updating our Ulmer collection during fall 2023.
Hawisher-Selfe Caring for the Future Award
This is an archive of the original site for the Hawisher-Selfe Caring for the Future Award, which transitioned from an independent award to a Kairos-administered award in 2023. The original site includes biographies of past winners, and details the award criteria and its history.
CCC Online
An in-progress archive of the first iteration of CCC Online, which was published from May 1998–June 2003. Currently available: original home and overview pages; An editorial from February 2000; an interview with CCC Online Editor Todd Taylor (interviewed by Cheryl Ball, August 2015).
MLA 2018 - Plenary Session 237: Writing Matters
An archival copy of the overview, abstracts, and presenter bios for the Writing Studies plenary session held on January 5 at the 2018 MLA conference in New York City.
Annotated Bibliography on Evaluating Digital Scholarship for Tenure & Promotion, compiled by Cheryl E. Ball, Carrie A. Lamanna, Craig Saper, and Michael Day
This annotated bibliography addresses issues of peer review, collaboration, evaluation strategies, and strategies for success, as well as providing and digital tenure examples, digital scholarship in action, and notations of a wide range of official organization reports, position statements, and recommendations. As this is a work in progress, it will be updated periodically. Readers are invited to visit the Kairos Wiki and contribute to this ongoing documentation project.
A Book of Quotations on Rhetoric by Thomas Kinney
This is a comprehensive compilation of definitions of rhetoric, spanning from Sappho (ca. 6th century BCE) to John Ramage (2006).
Aristotle's Rhetoric, A hypertextual resource compiled by Lee Honeycutt.
"This online version of Aristotle's Rhetoric is based on the translation of noted classical scholar W. Rhys Roberts. In editing this text, I have made every effort to preserve the original style of Roberts' print edition, though footnotes and parenthetical Greek phrasings were omitted to streamline reading of the text online. In addition, British punctuation rules were generally altered to conform to American style, though British spelling conventions were retained." Originally hosted on Honeycutt's site, then on
Quintilian's Institutes of Oratory, edited by Lee Honeycutt.
"The text used on this web site is an edited version of the 1856 English translation by the Rev. John Selby Watson. In editing Watson's translation, I have tried to preserve many elements of the print edition, though 19th-century punctuation and British spelling have been altered to modern American style. Additionally, numerous words originally rendered in their native Greek form were preserved through Unicode Greek lettering, but were also transliterated into Roman lettering. Additionally, Watson's copious footnotes, though quite useful, were omitted to ease onscreen reading, but may appear in future editions of the site." Originally hosted on Honeycutt's site, then on