Aristotle's Rhetoric

A hypertextual resource compiled by Lee Honeycutt

This online version of Aristotle's Rhetoric is based on the translation of noted classical scholar W. Rhys Roberts. In editing this text, I have made every effort to preserve the original style of Roberts' print edition, though footnotes and parenthetical Greek phrasings were omitted to streamline reading of the text online. In addition, British punctuation rules were generally altered to conform to American style, though British spelling conventions were retained.

Book One Book Two Book Three

Each of the books above contains Roberts' original chapter descriptions given in the introductory contents section of the printed translation. Some of these descriptions are quite brief, consisting of only a few words, while others are fairly lengthy; yet all of them amply describe the contents of the chapter's text and serve as a useful guide in navigating this hypertext version of the Rhetoric. The site also now includes a Bekker index to assist classical scholars more familiar with this referencing system from the definitive Greek text. It is my hope that online scholars of the rhetorical tradition will find this resource quite helpful in checking and rechecking specific passages of the Rhetoric during the course of their research. Those students new to the Rhetoric may want to check this chronological bibliography of select secondary references; all citations are listed in the style format recommended by the Modern Language Association.

Lee Honeycutt Last modified: 9/27/11