K A I R O SA Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Volume 6, Issue 2 Fall 2001
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Logging On

Comm Link: Notes from the Communications Editors
Issue Highlights and New Staff Introductions
Anthony Atkins and Erin Karper, KAIROS Communication Editors

An Invitation to Computers and Writing 2002
James Kalmbach, Ron Fortune, and Dene Grigar

Responding to the New Century: The Future of the Response Section in Kairos
Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly, KAIROS Response Editors

Staff members continue to answer some frequently-asked questions.  

KAIROS 6.2 Release Flyer
Print this 6.2 release announcement and post it in your depeartment. 


CoverWeb Call for Contributions

Special Kairos Call for CoverWeb texts: Exceptionality and Disability

Kairos invites submissions for a Spring 2002 CoverWeb about exceptionality/disability in the classroom. Sharing ideas, practice-based research, theoretical explorations, and anecdotes about exceptional/disabled teaching and learning can help us to understand the challenges on new levels.

For more information, contact CoverWeb Editors Cheryl Ball and Beth Hewett at kcoverweb@earthlink.net.