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Volume 6, Issue 2 Fall 2001
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Response, Replies, and Commentary

Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly, Response Editors



Computers and Writing 2001 Teacher Network Forum: Impossible Realities–Preparing Future Faculty

Ray Rodrigues, Cynthia Jeney, Joel English, and Michael Salvo
The three articles you are about to read reveal very different reactions to the writers' first years at their first universities. Cynthia Jeney ("CJ's Good Advice for Mentors and First-Year Tenure-Track Hires in Computers & Writing") writes about what it means to deal with the miscommunications and mutual distrust between faculty and technology support staff, along with all the other changes and adjustments to be made when transitioning from graduate student to full-time faculty, Joel English ("Politics, Market Value, and Salary Compression: Ahh, the Life of a Tenure-Track Professor") discovered that salaries might not increase appropriately in years subsequent to being hired, and Michael Salvo ("On Your First Year Out...") reports that his institution has done a good deal to help new faculty survive the tenure process.

Voices from the Classroom: Returning Students and the Technical Writing Course

Annmarie Guzy, University of South Alabama
"As I worked with concerned returning students to identify strengths and areas for improvement in both their writing and their computer skills, I developed various approaches to improve class retention . . . [m]y goal is to present to the instructor new to technical writing--particularly those new to teaching technical writing in the computer classroom setting--strategies for retaining returning students in their own classes."

A Look into the Future? Teasers for Next Issue

Want to know the future? These "teasers" provide a quick look at what is planned for the K-Interactive section next issue. The pieces were originally presented at Computers and Writing 2001 and are being shaped into potential web texts for the Spring 2002 issue.

Kairos Interactive: MOOs
Meet the Computers and Writing Chairs

Hosted by Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly
The Computers and Writing 2002 Conference Chairs, Ron Fortune and Jim Kalmbach, and the 2001 Conference Chairs, Linda Hanson and Rich Rice, joined us to discuss the future of computers and writing. This lively discussion covers issues including some of the obstacles to integrating computer technologies into composition programs at some institutions, new trends in computers and writing, and the marginal or mainstream position of the computers and writing community.

Responding to the New Century: The Future of the Response Section in Kairos

Hosted by Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly
Kairos readers and staff discuss where the responses section is going and where it should be going, covering such topics as an appropriate name for the Response section that better reflects the section itself; what community is and how it relates to the current response section and the Kairos journal in general; the place of MOO logs in the grand scheme of professionalism including T & P; and the most effective ways to publish a MOO log.

Call for Contributions

Have an exciting class this term? Conducting  interesting research you'd like to share? Working on an interesting project? Have a reflection, response, or idea concerning the webbed writing classroom? Interested in talking with Kairos authors?  Response is the section for you!  Contact Response Editors Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly ( kpraxis@earthlink.net ) to talk more about the possibilities.