Volume 6, Issue 2 Fall 2001
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ISSN 1521-2300
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Coverweb: Critical Issues in Computers and Writing

CoverWeb · Critical Issues in Computers and Writing: Strands from C&W2001

Special Guest Editors Linda Hanson and Rich Rice

Assessment: Laurie Mullen, Bill Bauer, and Web Newbold; Michael Knievel; Michelle Glaros; Janice McIntire-Strasburg

Distance Education: Rick Branscomb; Debra S. Knutson; Elizabeth Pass; Terry Tannacito; Cynthia L. Walker

Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum: Joan Latchaw; Nancy Myers; Keith Rhodes

Gender Issues in Technology and Writing: Carlton Clark; Danielle Nicole DeVoss; Lynne Spigelmire Viti; Zach Waggoner

Hypertext: Susan Antlitz; Wendy Warren Austin, Jennifer L. Bowie, and Billie Jones; Joe Essid; Carl Whithaus

Queer Studies: Angela Crow; Margaret Morrison

Teaching with Technology, K-College: Deborah Brown and David Elias; Bernadette Longo; Lori Mayo; Lisa Hammond Rashley


Computers and Writing Townhall Forums

Beth Hewett: Generating New Theory for Online Writing Instruction

Erin Smith: Reading and Mis[s]reading the eneriwomaninterface

Robert Yagelski: Computers, Literacy, and Being: Teaching With Technology for a Sustainable Future


Ray Rodrigues, Cynthia Jeney, Joel English, and Michael Salvo: Impossible Realities: Preparing Future Faculty (The C&W2001 Teacher Network Forum)

Annmarie Guzy: Returning Students and the Technical Writing Course

Kairos MOO: Meet the Computers and Writing Chairs

Kairos MOO: Responding to the New Century: The Future of the Response Section in Kairos


Danika Brown: Body Talk (Lay, Gurak, Gravon, Longino, and Kohlstedt)
Tracy Clark: Teachers and Technoliteracy (Lankshear, Snyder, and Green)
Debra Combs: Global Literacies and the World Wide Web (Hawisher and Selfe)
D. Diane Davis, Susan Lang, Becky Rickly, and Geoff Sirc: New Worlds, New Words (Barber and Grigar)
Ruth Mirtz: Writing in an Electronic World (Kolko, Regan, and Romano)
Web Newbold: Writing Space 2nd ed. (Bolter)


Charlie Lowe: Open Source

Voices from the Field: Beatrice Catherino, Lara Fisher, Ida Rodgers, Tony Atkins

Projects in Progress: Jeff Schonberg and Judith Adams