Volume 3, Issue 1 Spring 1998
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Paradigm: Online Writing Assistant
Chuck Guilford
The Cyberspace Project served these authors well in that it was both a classroom success and a perfect introduction to online teaching and the politics of such an endeavor. They share a condensed version of their conclusions here.

Advice to the Linelorn: Crossing State Borders and the Politics of Cyberspace
Jennifer Jordan-Henley and Barry Maid
Paradigm is an interactive, menu-driven, online writer's guide and handbook written in HTML and distributed freely over the WWW. It works on frames-capable browsers, using hypertext structure to create a web of links and text windows that you can navigate quickly and easily by clicking your desired choice.

Projects In Progress

Ed. Note: All PIP links are external to the Kairos shell.

  • Into the New Trenches
    Greg Siering's dissertation examines the way in which Computer-Aided Writing Instruction initiatives are supported and ways in which training is provided for them.

  • Literary Websites: A Survey of Perceptions of Educational Effectiveness
    Serena Roberts' dissertation explores ways in which literature classes are taught via the World Wide Web. She invites you to complete her survey.

  • Jake Shewmake's master's thesis looks closely at how online courses are actually conducted, especially including course content, and he invites you to complete his survey.

Computers & Writing '98

  • Official C&W Website
    The 14th Computers and Writing conference focuses on the distances transcended by the internet-oriented writing classroom.

  • Kairos 3.2
    Next issue of Kairos to feature "Best of Computers & Writing" proceedings.

  • Best Webtext Award
    Winner of second annual award will come from three finalists selected by the Kairos staff and board.

Conference Wraps


Excerpted E-list Dialogues

  • "Why Real Time?" from ACW-L
  • "Kairos" from WCENTER

Calls for Participation


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