Volume 3, Issue 1 Spring 1998
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Coverweb: Copywrite, Plagiarism, Intellectual Property

Copywrite, Plagiarism, and Intellectual Property

Paul Amore: Acceptable Appropriation: Citation as Negotiation of Power

Diane Christian Boehm: About Plagiarism, Pixels and Platitudes

Mick Doherty: It's the Interface, Stupid

Jeffrey R. Galin and Joan Latchaw: Heterotopic Spaces Online: A New Paradigm for Academic Scholarship and Publication

TyAnna K. Herrington: The Unseen "Other" of Intellectual Property Law or Intellectual Property Is Not Property: Debunking the Myths of IP Law

Rebecca Moore Howard: The Literary Production of Power: Citation Practices among Authors and Students

Johndan Johnson-Eilola: Intellectual Property: Q & A

Matt Kirschenbaum: Intellectual Property Online:The Case of Student Writing

Mary R. Lamb: Citation Functions: Unifying Feminist Communities

David Porush: ©ontra

Tom Reedy: Ethos and the Use of Citation as Revision

Amy L. Rupiper: Scholarly Transdiscursivity: The Author-Function of "Star" Citation

Kurt Schick: Scholarly Citation and the Circle of (Authorial) Life

Patricia Tallakson: Epigraph: Citation as Authorial Guide


Joel English: MOO-based Metacognition: Incorporating Online and Offline Reflection into the Writing Process

Jacqueline Goss: Reading Subrin's Swallow

Catherine F. Smith: Hearings in the U. S. Congress: Ordinary Deliberationin America's Legislature


Sandye Thompson, Joel English and Mick Doherty: An InterMOO with Michael Joyce and Mark Bernstein

Kairos Interactive

Edward R. Friedlander: Why I am Not a Postmodernist

David Schelle: English Online: Where "New and Improved" Really Means Something



Chuck Guilford: Paradigm: Online Writing Assistant

Jennifer Jordan-Henley and Barry Maid: Advice to the Linelorn: Crossing State Borders and the Politics of Cyberspace


Paul Amore: Shamans, Software, and Spleens: Law and the Construction of the Information Society (Boyle)
Barbara J. D'Angelo: Netlaw: Your Rights in the Online World (Rose & Rogers) and Copyrighting Culture: The Political Economy of Intellectual Property (Bettig & Schiller)
Mary Ann Eiler: Nostalgic Angels: Rearticulating Hypertext Writing (Johnson-Eilola)
Rebecca Moore Howard: Stolen Words: Forays into the Origins and Ravages of Plagiarism (Mallon)
Richard Long: WebWhacker software (Blue Squirrel)
Bill Marsh: Plagarism Thread on ACW-L, October 1997
Albert Rouzie: Connections: A Guide to On-Line Writing (Anderson, Benjamin, & Paredes-Holt)
Beth Balkus, Shelley Carter, Julie Dawson, Bernard J. Duis, Brian Hoover, Jimmie Hudson, Lisa Ihle, Christine Nelson, Erin K. Olson, Sarah Schafer, Dana Sweetwood, Stefanie VanTieghem, and Joan Latchaw: A Rhetorical Evaluation of OWLs

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