People Reading "Sonic Medicine"

As an experiment in visualizing the reading of comics, I asked several people to read "Sonic Medicine" (Kolbo, 2013b) and annotate a copy in order to show how they actually read it. Their results are below. You'll see some trends in the readings but also a lot of divergence. No one reads left to right, top to bottom.

Charles Andrews
By Prof. Charles Andrews

Hannah Lee Crawford
By Hannah Lee Crawford (Junior)

Amy Evans
By Amy Evans (Senior)

Shannon Kelly
By Shannon Kelly (Senior)

Jacob Martin
By Jacob Martin (Senior)

Danny Parker
By Danny Parker (Sophomore)

John Pell
By Prof. John Pell

Kaitlin Schmidt 1
By Kaitlin Schmidt (Junior)

Kaitlin Schmidt 2
By Kaitlin Schmidt (Junior) (Who Asked for a Re-Do)

Nicole Sheets
By Prof. Nicole Sheets

Doug Sugano
By Prof. Doug Sugano

Alex Wiese
By Alex Wiese (Junior)