One place to observe the mixing of traditional and virtual
forms is in the "lobby" of Security First Network Bank:


This antiseptic lobby has all of the typical bank trappings:
an information center, security officer, tellers, a
place to sign up for new accounts, and even the little
black board that advertises the bank's rates.

Mixed in are the cyborg tellers and employees.  The
combination of the two set up some striking omissions
and contradictions: there is no instant cash machine--
the instantaneousness of ecash is absent.
The combination also inscribes bank tendencies away
from hiring tellers and toward some machinic replacement--
the cyborg tellers rather than cash machines in this case.

This is afterall "Security" First Network Bank: these
employees never sleep, never make mistakes, and should 
require no overhead in terms of salaries and benefits.
Is this the new face of capitalism?

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