The big boys on the net tell us that ecash is 
necessary to invigorating the internet economy.  There
are a couple of different schemes for using cash on the 
   1.  Digital Cash:  Users have an electronic bank
       account that is useable on the net.  These bank
       accounts generally require that you have an
       additional piece of software that lets you use
       the cash with your favorite web browser.

   2.  Net Checking:  A play on digital cash.  It
       requires that you give a third party your checking
       account number and all of your transactions
       require that you fill out a digital check.

   3.  Credit Cards: Many of the larger credit card 
       companies are developing the technology to let you
       use your credit card to conduct business on the
       internet much like you might do with a mailorder
       catalogue over the phone.

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