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Kairos Award Winners

Kairos Best Webtext Winners

John Lovas Memorial Weblog Winners

Kairos Awards for Graduate Students and Adjuncts

Gail E. Hawisher & Cynthia L. Selfe Caring for the Future Scholarship Recipients

Every year since 1997, we have presented the Kairos awards (Best Webtext, Best Blog, and the GA/Adjunct Awards) at the annual Computers and Writing Conference. The locations of the C&W conferences where Kairos awards have been presented are listed here:

  • C&W 2023: Davis, CA (University of California, Davis)
  • C&W 2022: Greenville, NC (East Carolina University)
  • C&W 2019: East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)
  • C&W 2018: Fairfax, VA (George Mason University)
  • C&W 2017: Findlay, OH (University of Finlay)
  • C&W 2016: Rochester, NY (St. John Fisher College)
  • C&W 2015: Menomonie, WI (Univeristy of Wisconsin—Stout)
  • C&W 2014: Pullman, WA (Washington State University)
  • C&W 2013: Frostburg, MD (Frostburg State University)
  • C&W 2012: Raleigh, NC (North Carolina State University)
  • C&W 2011: Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)
  • C&W 2010: West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)
  • C&W 2009: Davis, CA (University of California, Davis)
  • C&W 2008: Athens, GA (University of Georgia)
  • C&W 2007: Detroit, MI (Wayne State University)
  • C&W 2006: Lubbock, TX (Texas Tech University)
  • C&W 2005: Palo Alto, CA (Stanford University)
  • C&W 2004: Honolulu, HI (Kapiolani Community College and University of Hawaii, Manoa)
  • C&W 2003: West Lafeyette, IN (Purdue University)
  • C&W 2002: Normal, IL (Illinois State University)
  • C&W 2001: Muncie, IN (Ball State University)
  • C&W 2000: Fort Worth, TX (Texas Womens' University)
  • C&W 1999: Rapid City, SD (South Dakota School of Mining and Technology)
  • C&W 1998: Gainesville, FL (University of Florida)
  • C&W 1997: Honolulu, HI (Kapiolani Community College)

Kairos Best Webtext Winners

2023: Margaret Price and Erin Bahl: The Rhetoric of Description: Embodiment, Power, and Playfulness in Representations of the Visual

2023 Finalist: Vyshali Manivannan: Hollow Me, Hollow Me, Until Only You Remain

2022: José Manuel Flores and Lucía Durá: The Border Soundscapes Project

2021: Bethany Monae: SCREEN READING: a gallery of (re)imagined interfaces

2020: Alex Hildalgo: Motherhood on the Screen: An Exploration of Wounds Opened and Closed through Home Video

2019: Jason Crider & Kenny Anderson: Disney Death Tour

2018: Jason Helms: Rhizcomics: Rhetoric, Technology, and New Media Composition

2017: Anne-Marie Womack, Annelise Blanchard, Cassie Wang, & Mary Catherine Jessee: Accessible Syllabus

2016: Amanda Fields, Londie Martin, Adela C. Licona, & Elizabeth Tilley: "Performing Urgency"

2015: Einar Sneve Martinussen, Jørn Knutsen, & Timo Arnall: "Satellite Lamps"
Mark Pepper: "Classical Rhetoric Up in Smoke: Cool Persuasion, Digital Ethos, and Online Advocacy"

2015 Finalist: Fred Johnson: "Perspicuous Objects"

2014: Scott Nelson, Chris Ortiz y Prentice, M. Catherine Coleman, Eric Detweiler, Marjorie Foley, Kendall Gerdes, Cleve Wiese, R. Scott Garbacz, & Matt King: "Crossing Battle Lines: Teaching Multimodal Literacies through Alternate Reality Games"

2013: Matthew Levy: "I Trip the Light Anaclastic: A Remix of Virginia Burke's 1959 'Why Not Try Collage'"

2013 Finalist: Daniel Anderson: "Watch the Bubble"

2012: Erin R. Anderson: "The Olive Project"

2012 Finalist: Deborah Balzhiser, Mandy Grover, Evelyn Lauer, Sarah McNeely, Jonathan D. Polk, & Jon Zmikly. Cade Holmes, Ellen Porter, Corey Saucier, & Tiffany Swearingen, contributors: "The Facebook Papers"

2011: David Rieder: "Typographia: A Hybrid, Alphabetic Exploration of Raleigh, NC"

2010: Susan H. Delagrange: "Wunderkammer, Cornell, and the Visual Canon of Arrangement"

2010 Finalist: M. Remi Yergeau: "aut(hored)ism"

2009: M. Remi Yergeau, Kathryn Wozniak, & Peter Vandenberg: "Expanding the Space of f2f: Writing Centers and Audio-Visual-Textual Conferencing"

2008: Jim P. Purdy & Joyce R. Walker: "Digital Breadcrumbs: Case Study of Online Research"

2007: Michael Salvo & Thomas Rickert: "...And They Had ProTools"

2007 Finalist: Kristin L. Arola & Cheryl Ball: "From 'They Call Me Doctor?' to Tenure"

2006: Madeleine Sorapure: "Between Modes: Assessing Student New Media Compositions"

2006 Finalist: The WIDE Research Center Collective: "Why Teach Digital Writing?"

2005: Michael J. Cripps: "#FFFFFF, #000000,   #808080: Hypertext Theory and WebDev in the Composition Classroom"

2005 Finalists: Meredith W. Zoetewey: "Disrupting the Computer Lab(oratory): Names,Metaphors, and the Wireless Writing Classroom"
Brian Houle, Alex Kimball, & Heidi McKee: "Boy? You Decide Girl? You Decide: Multimodal Web Composition and a Mythography of Identity"

2004: Adrian Miles (Ed.): "Violence of Text: An Online Academic Publishing Exercise"

2004 Finalists: Daniel Anderson: "Prosumer Approaches to New Media Composition: Consumption and Production in Continuum"
Charles Lowe: "Copyright, Access, and Digital Texts"

2003: Anne Wysocki: "A Bookling Monument"

2003 Finalists: Michael J. Cripps: "Between Linear and Nonlinear: The Research Essay as Hypertext"
Lisa Gye: "Half Lives"

2002: Joyce Walker: "Textural Textuality"

2002 Finalists: Collin Brooke: "Perspective"
Michael Salvo: "Deafened to Their Demands"

2001: Jeff White: "Hypersuasion and the New Ethos: Toward a Theory of Ethical Linking"

2001 Finalist: Mike Palmqust & Luann Barnes: The Online Writing Center Consortium

2000: Jane Love: "MOO-Scream on its wayves to WOOmb SCREAMS"
Victor J. Vitanza: "CompoZing com_PLI_cating Processes"

2000 Finalists: John Barber & Dene Grigar, with Hugh Burns: "Computers and Writing 2000"
Mark Dennard: "Neglected Pockets"

1998: Mike Palmquist, Will Hochman, Beth Kolko, Emily Golson, Jonathan Alexander, Luann Barnes, & Kate Kiefer: "Hypertext Reflections: Exploring the Rhetoric, Poetic, and Pragmatics of Hypertext"

1998 Finalists: Doug Brent: "Rhetorics of the Web: Implications for Teachers of Literacy"
Sandye Thompson: "Speaking of the MOOn: Textual Realities and the Body Electric."

1997: Karen McGrane Chauss: "Reader as User: Applying Interface Design Techniques to the Web"

1997 Finalists: Keith Dorwick: "Rethinking the Academy: Problems and Possibilities of Teaching, Scholarship, Authority, and Power in Electronic Environments"
Johndan Johnson-Eilola: "Stories and Maps: Postmodernism and Professional Communication"

John Lovas Award Winners

Beginning in 2004, in conjunction with KairosNews, Kairos began awarding its annual Best Academic Weblog, which was renamed in 2006 as the John Lovas Award in honor of scholar, teacher, and public intellectual John Lovas.

2023 The Writing Commons: The Encyclopedia for Writers, Researchers, and Knowledge Workers

2022 Charles Woods: The Big Rhetorical Podcast

2021 DBLAC: Digital Black Lit and Composition
Shane Wood: Pedagogue (podcast)
Daniel Dissinger and Kate Robinson: The Writing Remix Podcast

2020 Honorable Mention - Krista Hiser: Teaching Climate Change Field Notes
Honorable Mention - Laureano Ralón: Figure/Ground eJournal

2019 Remi Kalir, Christina Cantrill, Joe Dillon, Jeremy Dean:

2018 Patrick Sullivan, Darin Jensen, & Christie Toth:Teacher-Scholar-Activist

2017 Jill Walker Rettberg: Snapchat Research Stories

2016 The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center Blog: Another Word

2015 Samantha Blackmon, Alex Layne, Alisha Karabinus, Sarah Nixon, Charlotte Hyde, Wendi Sierra, & Ashley Barry: "Not Your Mama's Gamer"

2013 The Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute at Baruch College: " - Communication Across the Curriculum"

2012 Mike Edwards: "Vitia: Faults / Sins / Abuses"

2011 Dennis Jerz: "Jerz's Literacy Weblog"

2010 Digital Writing and Research Lab, University of Texas at Austin: "Viz. Visual Rhetoric, Visual Culture, Pedagogy"
George H. Williams, Jason B. Jones, & Julie Meloni, Eds., "ProfHacker"

2009 Steve Krause: " - School, work, life, and everything else"

2008 Alex Reid: "Digital Digs"

2007 Elizabeth Losh: "VirtualPolitik"

2006 Clancy Ratliff: "CultureCat: Rhetoric and Feminism"

2005 Collin Brooke: "Collin vs. Blog"

2004 Jenny Edbauer: "Stupid Undergrounds: I Found It on the Street"

Kairos Awards for Graduate Students and Adjuncts

These three awards have been presented annually at C&W since 2001. (In some years, only two awards were presented.)

2023: Anuj Gupta (Research), Morgan Banville (Research), Tiffani Tijerina (Teaching), Meghalee Das (Service)

2022: Morgan C. Banville (Research), Nitya Pandey (Teaching)

2021: Ashley Beardsley (Teaching)

2020: Vyshali Manivannan (Research), Angela Glotfelter (Teaching), Charles Woods (Service)

2019: Les Hutchinson (Research), Cara Marta Messina (Teaching), NextGEN Listserv Startup Team (Service)

2018: Phil Bratta (Research), Elizabeth Caravella (Teaching), Heather Noel Turner (Service)

2017: Miranda Morley (Research), Keri Rogers (Teaching), Casey McArdle (Service)

2016: Lynn Reid (Research), Kerry Banazek (Teaching), Valerie Robin (Service)

2015: Beth Hewett (Research), Traci Gardner (Teaching), The Writing Studies Tree — Jill Belli, Amanda Licastro, & Ben Miller (Service)

2014: Harley Ferris (Research), Jennifer Stewart (Teaching), Jamie Henthorn (Service)

2013: Erin Anderson (Research), Lorelei Blackburn (Teaching), Kristi McDuffie (Service)

2012: Jennifer Sano-Franchini (Research), Kristen Cornelius (Teaching), Lynn Reid (Service)

2011: Suzanne Webb (Research), Timothy Briggs (Teaching), Kyle Stedman (Service)

2010: Doug Walls (Research), Genevieve Critel (Teaching), Jeff Bacha (Service)

2009: Krista A. Kennedy (Research), Annette Vee (Teaching), Rik Hunter (Service)

2008: Jim Ridolfo (Research), Jentery Sayers (Teaching), M. Remi Yergeau (Service)

2007: Dundee Lackey (Teaching), Phill Alexander (Service)

2006: Dan Keller (Research), Andréa Davis (Teaching), Karl Stolley (Service)

2004: Heidi McKee (Research), Robert Cummings (Teaching)

2003: Cheryl Ball (Research), Angela Mitchell (Teaching), Erin Karper (Service)

2002: Lisa Gerrard (Research), D. Alexis Hart (Teaching), Bradley Dilger (Service)

2001: Patricia Freitag Ericsson (Research), Jennifer Bowie (Teaching), John Walter (Service)

Gail E. Hawisher & Cynthia L. Selfe Caring for the Future Scholarship Recipients

Honoring the scholarship and mentorship of Cindy Selfe and Gail Hawisher, the goal of this award is to support first-time Computers and Writing attendees, preferably at the undergraduate or early graduate level, who have shown an interest in furthering their studies in a computers and writing related field. Beginning in 2023, Kairos began administering this award. More information on previous award recipients can be found on the Caring for the Future website.

2023: Roland Dumavor, Michigan State University (Mentor: Kristin L. Arola)

2019: Natalie Santiago, Northern Illinois University (Mentor: Derek Sparby)

2018: Ana María Cortés Lagos, Syracuse Universitiy (Mentor: Patrick Berry)

2018: Liana Esperanza Clarke, Florida State University (Mentor: Stephen McElroy)

2017: Candace Chambers, University of Alabama (Mentor: Amber Buck)

2016: Victor Del Hierro, Michigan State University (Mentor: Bill Hart-Davidson)

2016: Anna Knutson, University of Michigan (Mentor: M. Remi Yergeau)

2015: Joseph Cirio, Florida State University (Mentor: Moe Folk)

2014: Janine Butler, East Carolina University (Mentor: Michelle Eble)

2013: Joy Robinson , Illinois Institute of Technology (Mentor: Karl Stolley)

2012: Laura Gonzales, University of Central Florida (Mentor: Stacey Pigg)